Foosball Table Sizes, Dimensions, Weight And All You Need to Know!

Foosball Table Size, Dimensions and Weight and Height: The Ultimate Guide

The average dimensions of a foosball table are 56(L) x 28.75(W) x 34.5(H) inches.The tableweighs about 360 pounds.

This is the ‘standard’ size of a regulation foosball table.

However, there are 3 common table sizes, which we will talk about later in this post.

In this post we cover:

  1. How to measure your gaming room before deciding on a foosball table
  2. The common sizes & dimensions of foosball tables
  3. How to prepare your room for the ultimate foosball experience
  4. The bottom line

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Before buying a foosball table, you need to know the size of your gaming room.

The best way to measure your rooms size will be with a measure tape of course, you want to get the width and length of the room, and don’t forgot to measure how tall the ceiling is.

The reason you need to get the ceiling height by the way, is in case you will have some tall friends over. You generally want the gaming room to be spacious and fun to play in.

In terms of the rooms flooring – make sure its not a gentle ceramic tile type flooring, from our experience, the table might chip and scratch the floor when you bring it in.

Another smart thing to do will be to plan how are you going to get the table to the room, if you have a wide door you’re fine, otherwise you might want to get professional movers that will help you out.

Remember, a standard foosball table can weigh 360-370 pounds, its heavy and you won’t be able to lift it yourself.

later in this post, we will give you some cool tips on how to create a better foosball gaming room.

But now, lets go over the foosball table size and dimensions.


Make sure you check the dimensions of the specific foosball table you have bought, as they come in different sizes.

The three most common foosball tables sizes are :

  • 56” Foosball tables (56 inches long)
  • 52” Foosball tables (52 inches long)
  • 48” Foosball tables (48 inches long)

There are even smaller foosball tables that come at 40 inches in length, they are great for small children but not recommended for adults.

The regulation size foosball table is the 56 inches one, but unless you’re a pro, it shouldn’t really matter.

As a rule of thumb, the longer the table is, the more expensive it is, so keep your budget in mind.


Other than measuring the room, you want to get a few things ready before you bring in your new foosball table.

First, clean the room and make sure theres nothing in the way.

Then, you want to look for objects that might interrupt the foosball game, and get rid of them. You dont want the foosball players to trip over random objects thrown around the room.

Remember to leave some extra space for the people that will walk in and out of the room and play the foosball table.

Another smart thing to do is to keep some drinks & snacks in the room, for a better gaming experience.

You also want to print the rules of foosball and have them in the foosball room, sounds funny, but it might help new players understand the game better.

You can even get yourself a good audio system with speakers so you’ll have music playing in the background. These small things make the foosball game so much more fun!


There are other factors you should consider when picking out a foosball table size, other than the size of your room.

If you’re buying a foosball table for your kids, you want to stick to the smaller ones, maybe even the 40” foosball tables.

That will make sure they can actually reach the handles, and the smaller foosball tables are also slightly cheaper, so your heart won’t break when your table will. haha.

For adults and teens, we highly recommend to spend a little more and buy the 56” standard size foosball table.

It will provide a better foosball gaming experience and you’ll enjoy it so much you will forget about the price pretty quick.

If you’re buying a foosball table for your bar / office, we would also recommend the 56” one, but make sure you’re buying a sturdy one that will last.

Especially in bars / pubs, people tend to not really care about your table and it will get ruined fast if you buy a cheaply made one.

Generally, the 52” seems redundant to us, unless your room is too small for the 56” table. In that case, it will make sense. Otherwise, just invest a few more bucks and get the standard size one.

Remember, the bigger the table, the more playing surface you will have, the ‘harder’ it will be to score and the longer the foosball games will last.

A bigger foosball table will also require better foosball skills, of course.

Whichever size you choose, remember to make sure the table is built with quality materials unless you’re planning to buy a new table every few months.

Now that we got that covered, lets wrap this up with the bottom line.

foosball tables


We hope this post helped you pick the right foosball table size.

We went over the dimensions of foosball tables, and even gave you some awesome tips on how to prepare and measure the size of the gaming room.

By now, you should be able to understand which foosball table will fit your room and gaming needs.

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Any questions or comments? comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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How to Choose The Perfect Pool Table Size For Your Space?

Pool Table Sizes – The Complete Guide

A standard regulation size pool table is 4.5′ X 9′, however, pool tables come in different sizes. It is important that you buy one that fits the size of your gaming room.

When it comes to buying the right pool table size there are too many things that can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But don’t get overwhlemed, thats why we wrote this post.



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There are three common sizes for pool tables, these are:

  • 7 foot pool tables
  • 8 foot pool tables
  • 9 foot pool tables (standard regulation size)

In the chart below, you will find the standard pool table sizes & dimensions and the required gaming room size you’ll need in order to have the best pool experience.

pool table sizes and room dimensions explained

If the room is too small, consider getting a smaller pool table, don’t try to squeeze in a bigger pool table into a small space.

Even if it will fit, remember you need to leave a place for players to actually move around and hit the balls with their pool cues.

Also, remember that its better to have a bigger room with a smaller table, Vs. a smaller room with a bigger table.

Seems obvious, we know, but people tend to forget that when buying their billiard tables.


In order to make sure you have enough room in your gaming room for your new pool table, you will need to measure it first.

You want to get a tape measure, and simply measure the gaming rooms width and length.

Then, in order to get the rooms square footage, follow the simple equation.

Rooms Length X Rooms Width = Rooms Size in SQFT

For those of you who, like some of our staff members(they know who they are, haha) struggle with simple math, use a calculator.

All jokes aside, its important that you get an accurate measurement of the room, so you won’t have to deal with squeezing the wrong pool table into too small of a space.


Other than the space, there are some elements needed in a gaming room, that will improve your pool/billiard experience.

First, you want to make sure the room has enough light in it.

When playing pool, you will need to shot accurately and see the entire surface of the table and the balls.

If the room is too dark, it will be harder for players to enjoy the game and their eyes will get tired as well.

Second, ideally, you don’t want anything in the vacancy of the table.

Pool requires focus and most pool players won’t look around when they’re focused on their next hit.

If there are any objects on the floors, or the floor isn’t leveled, players might fall and harm themselves.

Third, make sure there is access to every point of the table.

Did you ever play pool when theres suddenly a sofa preventing you from extending the pool cue for your next shot? its very annoying and can ruin the entire game.

The easiest way to prevent that is to grab a pool stick, and see that you have enough room to hit the a ball from every angle.


Make sure you purchase a good cue rack, we recommend “Cue rack Only by Izzy Billiard” (link) that way you will have the pool tables accessories organized in one place.

You also want to make sure theres a good AC in the room, pool might not be as intense as boxing, but it is a sport and you will get hot when playing.

Having some music playing in the background is always fun, consider getting a good audio system for the gaming room.

Another great idea for an ideal pool room – keep a mini bar in the room with some soda or water for the players to enjoy when they get tired or want to take a brief break, maybe even some snacks.


pool table and balls


There are different reasons you want to consider when choosing the size of your new pool table.

If the main players will be kids, you want to go with a smaller, 3.5′ X 7′ pool table.That will be easier for them to play and reach different spots on the table.

For adult pool players, we highly recommend getting the standard 4.5′ X 9′ pool table. This table will provide the best gaming experience for you and your buddies.

Some people buy a pool table as a decorative piece and do not intend to play it which is completely fine.

In that case we do recommend the 4 ‘ X 8 ‘ table. It still looks luxurious but will take less space than the standard regulation-size table.


Pool tables usually weight between 650 pounds – 900 pounds [thats 300-400 Kilograms] that depends on the size of the table and the materials it was built with.

You want to prepare beforehand if you’re buying a pool table when delivery is not included.

You won’t be able to lift that table by yourself or even with a friend, or at least most people won’t.

Consider calling local pool table movers, that will save your back for sure. They will do a better job and you wont risk an injury or even worse, hitting your new table (we’re kidding).


We hope this post helped you choose the ideal pool table size for your gaming room.

You definitely want to take these extra few steps and make sure you’re buying the right table Vs. making a rush decision and buying the wrong one.

If you have any questions or need any help, please comment below, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

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Thats all for today, now lets play some pool!

How to Clean An Air Hockey Table in 7 Easy Steps!

How to Clean Your Air Hockey Table Fast & Efficiently 

Air hockey tables can take a long time to clean if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can even ruin your table if you use the wrong cleaning materials, so we’ve decided to help out with the cleaning and wrote this post.

There are also things you need to know before cleaning the table like which materials are forbidden and which are recommended, so you won’t damage the air hockey table.

Wether you own an air hockey table or cleaning it for someone who does, this post will help you do it the right way.

In Todays Post We Cover: 

  1. Why Cleaning an Air Hockey Table is Crucial (yes, really)
  2. The Materials You will Need
  3. How to Clean an Air Hockey Table in 7 easy steps
  4. How to keep your table clean and take good care of it

Ready to do some cleaning? lets do this!


Well, besides the obvious reasons of getting rid of germs, dust and being a civilized human being (lol) theres another good reason to clean your air hockey table often.

That reason is failing to clean will actually cost you your hard earned money, because hockey tables can very easily get ruined.

Dust and dirt can ruin the surface of your hockey table and create malfunctions. Unlike pool tables or ping pong tables, air hockey tables have tiny holes on them where the air comes out of. If they get clogged, your air hockey table can become useless pretty fast.

So make sure you at least dry-clean your table often, wipe off dust and buy an air hockey table cover like this one, to prevent dirt from accumulating on it.



  • 2 dry cloths / towels
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Vacuum cleaner (or a regular vacuum cleaner)
  • Toothpicks or Qtips

Having these will make cleaning process faster and easier.

You can get all of these materials at Walmart, target, or even Amazon.

Now lets talk about the actual steps.


Ready to clean your table? awesome!

First, make sure you have all the cleaning materials we specified above, so you won’t have to stop and look for them during the cleaning process.

Next, turn on some fun music and follow these steps.

The 7 Easy Steps to a Super Clean Hockey Table :

STEP 1: Turn on the fans to make sure you wont clog the air holes on the table. If you have fans / ac in the room make sure they are turned on, open the windows to let all the dust and dirt out.

STEP 2: Start by cleaning the frame and sides of the table with a wet cloth then a dry cloth. Do NOT start by cleaning the surface of the air hockey table (that way you wont have to repeat and clean it again after the dust from the sides of the table got to the surface).

STEP 3: Grab a vacuum cleaner, we use the black & decker cordless hand vacuum (get it from amazon by clicking here).

*If you’re going to use a heavy vacuum cleaner do not place it on the table, just use the hose and preferably hold it above the surface of the air hockey table to suck the dirt & dust out.

STEP 4: Use a very slightly wet cloth / wipe to wipe the surface of the table, make sure its not too wet. We highly recommend the lysol disinfecting wipes (click to buy from amazon) or any other wipe that is anti-bacterial and will disinfect the surface as well as clean it.

STEP 5: grab a dry cloth and wipe the surface dry. Make sure its completely dry and theres no liquid left especially on the surface of the table. This part is crucial, liquids can ruin the surface of the table.

STEP 6: clean the holes on the surface of the air hockey table using toothpick or qtips, make sure they’re completely clean and theres not even a bit of dust in them.

STEP 7:  You’re done! Grab a drink and pat yourself on the shoulder for doing an awesome job!

We recommend printing the 7 steps and having them near the table for easy access!

Here are some other tips and things you should remember when cleaning.



Good job! now your air hockey table is clean and ready!

We highly recommend that you wipe off dust everytime you play and use the table so you won’t have to clean so often. We do recommend to ‘deep clean’ with the steps above at least once a week.

Now that we know how to thoroughly clean the table and went over the steps, lets talk about how you will keep your table clean.


Unless you want to clean your table daily, you better take some steps to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on it in the first place.

Doing that will also make sure your table will last longer and again, save you money.

  • Buy an air hockey table cover (we recommend this one)
  • Clean the room where the air hockey table is placed
  • Make sure you wash your hands before (and after, for your health) playing the air hockey table
  • Avoid placing drinks & foods on or near the air hockey table
  • Wipe off dust after each game to prevent it from accumulating
  • If you have kids that play with the air hockey table, educate them about these steps too


Air hockey is an awesome game, and you can’t possibly play without a good working table. Thats why taking good care of your air hockey table is important.

You don’t want to neglect your air hockey table, they come with a hefty price tag and fixing them isn’t cheap.

Taking a few extra steps can save you a ton of headaches, so don’t be lazy!

We hope this post helped you clean your table more efficiently and quickly.

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10 Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables : Lets Take it Outside!

The 10 Best Table Tennis Tables: For The Outdoors

The only thing that is better than playing ping pong, is playing ping pong at sunset! Thats why we researched, rated and reviewed the 10 best ping pong tables for the outdoors.

If you’re in the market for a table, wether you’re an avid ping pong player or just a beginner, you will definitely want to read this before you buy an outdoor table.

Quick Tip: We recently reviewed the best ping pong tables for the indoors, and today we will focus solely on tables that are awesome for the outdoors.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks:



In This Post We Cover: 

1.What to look for when buying a ping-pong table for the outdoors?
2. What are the best 10 ping pong tables that are specifically designed for outdoor play!

QUICK TIP: In a hurry? no worries, we created this beautiful chart for your convince below, just pick a table by clicking the “get latest price” button.


This chart is a quick summary of the reviews, for those of you who are in a hurry to buy a table and start playing.

However, we do recommend you read the thorough review of these tables below, especially if the one you’re prepared to buy.

That can save you a ton of money, energy, time, and frustration. So take 5 minutes to glance through it just so you’ll know you’re making a smart buying decision.

1.What to Look for in a Ping Pong Table for The Outdoors

Before we dive into the reviews, we wanted you to know what we looked at. There are some features that are critical when choosing a table for the outdoors, lets go over them.


First, you need to consider the space you have. The worst thing you can do is buy a ping pong table thats too big and placing it in a small space.

Doing that will ruin the entire experience, and you won’t be able to enjoy your game. We recommend that you grab a meter, measure the space you’re going to place the table at, and buy accordingly.

Don’t skip this step – it will save you a ton of money (and frustration).


When it comes to the price, you will have to consider your budget of course.

When trying to figure out the quality of the table you should buy (usually higher quality ping pong tables, will be a little more expensive) ask yourself these questions:

Are you buying the table for your own house?

How often are you going to play the table?

How important is the quality of the table to you?

Would you rather spend a little more and get a high quality table, or will a cheaper one be suffice as you will barely use it anyway?

Basically, the more you spend on a ping pong table, the higher quality it will be. So beware of your budget, but think about the questions above too.

ping pong outdoors


This is one of the most critical features of an outdoors ping pong table. You want the table to be built out of a strong material, like aluminum / stainless steel frame, and consider a weather-proof net.

That way, the rain and sun will have little effect on damaging the table. Also, we highly recommend you buy a high quality table cover like this one, just as an extra protection. Investing a few bucks in a ping-pong table cover, can save you hundreds on a new table.

You also want a table with an aluminum table-top, that is able to resist rust, water, and even sun-damage.

Quick Tip: if you need ping pong paddles, read our review by clicking here.

As you can see, there are many things to look at when buying the right outdoor ping pong table.

Luckily for you, we considered all of these features above when rating the best outdoor ping pong tables, so feel free to just pick one from the TOP PICKS below. (Just remember to make sure its the right fit for your outdoors-space! we don’t know how big your yard is..)

Also, if you have questions, comment below or contact us and we’ll be glad to help you out!

Now, lets get to the top picks for the best outdoor table tennis tables.

Our Top Picks: 10 Best Ping Pong Tables For Outdoors 

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Below you will find our thorough review of each table from our top 10 outdoor ping pong tables.

Quick tip: Check the latest price by clicking the name of the table you like (you’ll be forwarded to Amazon).


Stiga is a well known brand in the ping pong world. They build exceptional ping pong tables, and their outdoors table is no different! Very sturdy, made with quality and built to last.

We also love the fact that it comes 95% pre-assembled, it will take you literally 60 seconds to set it up. The table measures at 108” L x 60” W x 30” H when at play position.


  • Has a built-in safety latch system
  • Made with All-weather proof Aluminum Top
  • Very Sturdy and fun to play on
  • Folds Easily


  • Due to the good price it offers, it doesn’t come with many accessories


This one is a heavy duty ping pong table. In fact, its only ranked #2 because its a little pricier than the Stiga one, but its worth the extra couple hundred dollars in our opinion.

Beautifully designed, it even comes with small ball storage pockets at the side of the table, for easy access and better ping-pong experience!

The Kettler ping pong table is also approved as a professional table by the International Table Tennis Federation , painted with water-proof paint, and made with aluminum surface and sturdy steel legs!


  • Approved by the ITTF!
  • Comes with built in ball storage boxes (never lose your ping pong balls again!)
  • Looks gorgeous and beautifully designed
  •  Comes with a 2 player bundle with a ping pong table cover!
  • Our favorite ping-pong tables for outdoors!


  • A little more pricey than the others, if you have the budget however, its definitely worth it.


A great ping pong table for the outdoors, it comes with 3 year warranty!

Specially designed for compact folding storage, if you have a small yard or space, this one is a great choice! Thick, 22m surface for a high quality ball-bounce and an extremely fun ping pong experience.


  • 3 Year Warranty!
  • Thick Surface for a better bounce!
  • Comes in 3 colors and beautifully designed
  • Easy storage : both halves of the tables fold easily!


  • The brand isn’t as known as the others on this list.


This ping pong table, made by “Joola Nova” is USATT (The USA Table Tennis Organization) Approved for ping pong tournaments, so you can tell right off the bat, this is definitely a high quality table.

Made with thick aluminum 6mm surface, built to last at the outdoors conditions and any weather. The net is water and weather proof. Comes 95% pre-assembled (we love this feature) so you won’t have to waste time trying to build it for hours and get frustrated with a ton of parts.


  • USATT Approved
  • Beautifully designed
  • Very Sturdy and safe for kids to play with
  • Comes 95% built, offers a quick setup process
  • Thick aluminum surface that will last through tough weather


  • Believe it or not, we couldn’t find any repeat customer complaints


The main thing we absolutely love about this table tennis table is the anti-glare surface. In some cases, when the sun is strong its hard to see the ping pong ball. However, Cornilleaus’ ping pong table eliminates that problem with their anti-glare surface, think about it like looking at glasses with anti-reflective coating. Very useful indeed!

Its also beautifully designed and could be used for both indoors and outdoors, giving you the option to play inside your house as well.


  • Built with steel frame and legs, very strong and sturdy
  • Anti-glare surface
  • Awesome storage pockets for the ping pong paddles + balls
  • Looks luxurious and beautifully designed


  • Some users complained about the table being difficult to assemble, but they did mention they eventually were happy with the result


Another fantastic outdoors ping pong table by the known Kettler brand.

You get an awesome “Bang for the buck” on this one.

It actually comes with an outdoor accessory bundle, which includes : ping pong paddles, ping pong balls, and even a cover for your ping pong table!

Saves you a ton of money on accessories and its absolutely gorgeous.


  • Awesome accessories included! (paddles, balls, and a cover, worth hundreds of dollars!)
  • Waterproof design to keep it rust-free!
  • Non glare – high aluminum surface with climate control!
  • Awesome storage place for the paddles and balls!


  • We found 1 customer who complained on their customer service, they apologized and fixed the problem though


A very nice ping pong table, painted in light blue and looks stunning. This ping pong table comes with locking caster wheels, looks very fun to play with, and foldable for easy storage.

We simply can’t get over the light blue on this table, its looks fantastic and we’re glad they tried another color rather than the standard blue everybody else use.


  • Beautiful light blue color
  • Super easy fold – you can store it inside when you’re done playing
  • Adjustable clamp style net
  • Looks well made and well designed
  • Great ping pong table for kids
  • Very affordable!


  • We haven’t seen many tables by this brand, so its probably a new one, thats not necessarily a con, but its just not a well-known and established brand.


We can’t write a ‘top 10 outdoor ping pong tables’ without having a table from world-wide known brand, KillerSpin. This brand is simply a ping pong behemoth.

Specifically, the MyT7 blackstorm table is definitely an amazing ping pong table, we absolutely love the darker paint, makes it look stunning and will prevent it from looking dirty – which saves you the extra cleaning.


  • Made with a very unique aluminum+ plastic surface for a great ping pong experience
  • The table is painted in dark-gray, makes it look very premium
  • Steel legs, very sturdy
  • Comes with a cover to keep dust, dirt, and rain away


  • Some people said they prefer the blue color, we disagree, but we’ve decided to write it as a con.


If we’re already speaking about killerspin tables, thats another well made high quality product by this popular brand. Specifically perfect for tournaments and experienced ping pong players that notice the small details.

This table definitely offers a great ping pong experience, if you’re a beginning ping pong player you won’t see the difference, but you definitely will if you’re a more experience player.


  • Built with the best gaming experience in mind
  • Comes in 2 colors : black and blue
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Includes ping pong paddles and balls


  • A little pricey for beginners, if you’re just starting out make sure you like this table first.


The Joola Rally LT is a professional grade ping pong table, we do not recommend it for complete beginners simply because you can find cheaper ones, but if you’re a beginner and have the extra money, this is a great buy.

Professional & experienced ping pong players that appreciate quality will absolutely love this table.


  • Professional grade quality!
  • Beautiful color and design
  • Comes with ball holders!
  • Includes an Abacus Scorer
  • Easy to assemble: 10-15 min assembly time


  • A little pricey if you’re a beginner

These are the absolute best ping pong tables for outdoor play. Now that you’ve read the reviews, you can make a smart decision that will get you the best table.

If you got a little overwhelmed with all the information, go with the safe picks (number 1 and 2 from this list) however, any of these top 10 tables are an absolute great choice as we reviewed and pre-checked them for you, so don’t worry about losing your hard earned money.


To sum things up, remember, there are a few things to consider when trying to find a good ping pong table for your outdoors space.

These main features are durability, size, and price. You want to invest in a good table that will last, even through hard weather conditions.

If you’re planning on keeping it outside at all times, a cover is a must!

We hope you found this post useful and are ready to play some ping pong!

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10 Best Air Hockey Tables: Ultimate Buyers Guide!


An air hockey table can be fun for people of all ages, and there are many of them to choose from. If you are interested in buying one of these tables, you will need to know what to look for and what your options are. It is the perfect solution for those who like the idea of playing hockey but don’t want to lose any teeth.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks:





Before we dive deeper into our top picks, lets talk about what you should look for when buying a quality air hockey table.

What to Look for in a Good Air Hockey Table

There are some key things to look for in a quality air hockey table, and it’s important you know what they are before shopping around.


You will quickly find that air hockey tables come in a wide range of sizes. You will need to know how much space you have for one of these tables. Take the time to measure the area you plan on putting the table so you don’t accidentally get one that doesn’t fit.

Air hockey tables can be 3 or 4 feet to 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. It is recommended that you leave at least 34” of space on either side of the table. You want to be able to play comfortably and move around without being inhibited.


You get what you pay for with air hockey tables, so you need to keep that in mind. The cheaper tables cost around $100, while the high-end models can reach up to $1,000. You don’t have to get the most expensive table on the market, but you shouldn’t go too cheap either.

The more expensive tables tend to be well-made and last longer. Make sure that you decide how much you can afford to spend before you start looking at your options. If you want an air hockey table that will really last, you’ll need to spend at least a few hundred dollars.

Types of Air Hockey Tables

There are numerous types of air hockey tables, and you’ll want to learn about each one.

  • Arcade-Style: These are by far the most expensive air hockey tables, but they are also the most solid and well-made. A standard arcade table is about 8 feet long and features music as well as sound and lighting effects. You can also expect to get electronic scoring.
  • Basic models: The more basic air hockey table models don’t have any of the fancy bells and whistles that the higher-end models do. These tables are best for children and very casual players.
  • Tabletop: There are also tabletop air hockey tables, which can be easily stored when they are not being used. These tables are best for areas where there isn’t a lot of space. Tabletop tables often have rubber feet that stand on tables.
  • Multigame: Some air hockey tables offer numerous games, including shuffleboard, table tennis and foosball. These tables tend to be more expensive, but you will get a lot more use out of them.

Skill Level

You will also need to consider your skill level when deciding which air hockey table to purchase. Advanced players will need to look for a solid, full-size table that has rink walls. The table you get must also have precise deflection.

Intermediate players will want to look for a table that is at least 7’ long. You can get a table that is bigger with fewer extras, or a smaller one with some bells and whistles. It all depends on what your budget is like.

Beginners definitely don’t need a big expensive table. It is important to keep in mind that beginner tables aren’t particularly sturdy or well-made. These tables tend to warp easily and move around a lot. Once you have honed your skills, you can get a better table.


The motor that your air hockey table uses will be something else to consider. You want a table that offers an even flow output. It should be able to operate for an extended period of time while running quietly. The best air hockey tables feature a Plenum chamber.


You should look for an air hockey table with a solid overall construction with joints that are kept in place with sturdy screws. Make sure that you get a table with levelers so that you won’t have to deal with any wobbling.

The rink walls of the table you get should be made of solid aluminum or durable nylon for good deflection. If you are a beginner, you can probably settle for laminate aluminum rink walls. This just depends on your skill level.

Manual Slide Scoring System Vs. Electronic Scoring System

How would you prefer to track the score? there are 2 options.

Some air hockey tables use a manual score tracking while others use a digital one.

Digital scoring is nice because you won’t have to worry about keeping track of the score throughout each game.

You typically need to spend a little bit more to get a table with digital scoring, but its definitely worth it.


When you are trying to find the best air hockey table to buy, you will need to look at some of the best models available. These 10 tables are among the very best on the market today.


This air hockey table is great for children and young adults who are beginners at this game. It features some sharp-looking graphics that make for a nice aesthetic. The L-shaped legs feature levelers, so you can be sure that the table will remain stable at all times.

The electronic scoring feature that this table offers runs on 2 AAA batteries, which are not included. The playing surface itself measures 53.75” long by 23.5” wide with a weight of 44 pounds. When you order this table you will get two sets of orange paddles.

The dual 100V electric blowers are CUL-certified and more than adequate for consistent gameplay. The fairly small size of this table makes it an excellent choice for smaller areas where there isn’t much room.

While this is not a high-end air hockey table, it still has quite a lot to offer. It will make for a great addition to any home game room.


  • CUL-certified 100V electric blower makes for smooth gameplay.
  • Comes with two sets of paddles.
  • Small enough to fit in most spaces with room to spare.
  • Designed for kids and young adults.
  • Sharp graphics make this table very aesthetically-pleasing.
  • Musical scoring makes playing on this table even more fun.
  • L-shaped legs with levelers keep the table stable.
  • Comes with a money back guarantee and warranty.
  • Great overall deal for the price.


  • Doesn’t hold up as well long-term as higher-end tables.
  • Not suitable for most advanced players.


The Atomic Blazer is one of the best air hockey tables out there.

This table features electronic scoring, so you don’t have to keep track of the score manually. The display is integrated right into the rails, making for a unique and efficient design.

The overhang rails that this table uses cut down on puck bounce, which can be a big problem with cheaper tables. The leg levelers will always provide you with an even surface to play on. It is extremely stable, even when the table is placed on an uneven surface.

One of the great things about this air hockey table is that it is compatible with ping pong table conversion tops, so you can use it to play two different kinds of games.

The 120V blower that this table features has a durable, heavy-duty design for fast and smooth play all the time. This is definitely one of the more durable and air hockey tables on the market. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it’s a good choice for intermediate players.


  • Electronic scoring feature means you never have to worry about keeping up with the score for each game.
  • Features leg levelers that will keep the playing surface even and stable at all times.
  • Designed to accommodate ping pong top for quick and easy conversion.
  • Sturdy 120V blower that allows for fast play and years of regular use.
  • Overhang rails keep annoying puck bounce to a minimum.
  • Display integrated into the rails.


  • Some customers have reported problems with electronic scoring sensors.


The MD Sports air hockey table has an arcade design, and it’s a great addition to any home game room. This table comes with all of the accessories necessary for getting started. You will receive 4 pucks as well as 4 pushers.

There is also an electronic scoring system that will allow you to keep track of the score for each game without doing any extra work. The 110V blower is powerful enough to make gameplay as smooth and quick as possible.

The arch-style legs of this table are made of extremely durable steel. There are 6” levelers on the legs so as to ensure complete stability throughout every game. This table is well-suited to children, as it will stand strong even when the games get a little wild.

The overall construction and design of this air hockey table is very sturdy for years of regular use. It is an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate players as well as children. There aren’t a lot of fancy features, but it is very well-built.


  • Extremely sturdy steel legs with 6” over-sized levelers that help keep the playing surface balanced and stable always.
  • Comes with 4 pushers and 4 pucks so you can get started playing immediately.
  • Arcade-style table is a great addition to any home.
  • Electronic scoring system always you to keep score without doing any work.
  • 110V blower motor keeps the puck and pushers gliding along the table perfectly.


  • Extremely heavy and difficult to move around.


We call this one a “heavy hitter”. It is extremely well made, sturdy, and will last you for decades.

This air hockey table has a laminate top that is very durable and keeps wear and tear down to a minimum. It is designed by professionals and features a low-profile with aluminum rails for ideal bounce.

You can purchase this table with the side graphics, which really add to the overall aesthetic. The face-off circle is great for those who enjoy playing in competitions. It is a very durable overall table that will stand the test of time.

When you buy this table you will get two pushers and two standard size pucks. It is an excellent choice for beginners as well as more advanced players, making it very versatile. Those who like to play air hockey on a regular basis will find that this table is quite sturdy.


  • Sturdy aluminium top rail for ideal bankability and bounce.
  • Laminate playing surface is tough and highly resistant to wear.
  • Comes with two pushers and two pucks so you can start playing immediately.
  • Side graphics make this one sharp-looking table.
  • Very easy to assemble within a matter of minutes.
  • Durable legs will keep the table level and balanced at all times.


  • Score board can be somewhat problematic.


This arcade-style air hockey table features strong reinforced legs and CARB-certified construction for long-lasting durability. It also has an electronic scoring system that will keep track of who is winning in every match.

The graphics of this table are eye-catching and quite attractive. It measures 60” long by 26” wide by 31” tall. There are also dual goal boxes that feature automatic puck return, making each game more convenient for both players.

The 110V UL-approved electric blower has a high-output design to always keep your games moving along swiftly and smoothly. The laminate coating of the play surface is combined with MDF material for maximum durability.

Even intermediate and advanced players will find that this table is an excellent overall choice. The independent levelers make it easy to maintain stability throughout each game. The legs of the table are reinforced for additional stability.


  • Electronic scoring system makes gameplay more convenient and authentic.
  • Reinforced L-shaped legs with levelers are very sturdy and ensure complete balance.
  • Powerful 110V UL-approved electric blower makes for smooth and consistent gameplay.
  • Laminate coating on the surface of the table isn’t scratched or scuffed easily.
  • Assembly is very fast and simple.
  • Comes with 3” strikers and two standard size pucks.
  • Automatic puck return means never having to fish around for the puck yourself.
  • Great-looking graphics all over the table.
  • Ships with extremely secure and well-padded packaging to prevent damage in transit.


  • Might not be quite big enough for more advanced players.


The Goplus air hockey table offers extreme support with four very sturdy levels. The full panel legs ensure years of regular use without any issues. It has a very smooth playing surface with vibrant graphics, designed for smooth and effortless gameplay.

There is a LED electronic scoring feature as well as a manual scorer that you can use to keep track of the score of each game. This table uses a 12V DC motor that will provide you with steady and consistent airflow while you are playing.

When you order this air hockey table, you will receive two pushers and two pucks. It is ideal for children, but more advanced players should look elsewhere. It is big enough to where numerous children can play at once without any problems.

Sturdy screws hold the legs in place, so you can be sure they won’t move around while you are playing. For a cheaper air hockey table, this one is pretty solid with much to offer.


  • Side rail electronic scoring with LED panel for keeping track of the score each game.
  • Comes with two pucks and two pushers.
  • 12V motor makes for smooth gameplay.
  • Vibrant graphics on the table makes it good-looking addition to any gamer room.
  • Special surface coating on the playing surface prevents it from getting damaged easily.
  • Manual scorer that you can use if you don’t like the electronic scorekeeper.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Full panel legs are incredibly sturdy and create a well-balanced playing surface.
  • Perfect for kids and beginners.


  • The electric blower could be stronger.
  • Not intended for intermediate or advanced players.


The Sport Squad air hockey table has a tabletop design and can be stored and transported very easily. This is a great table for kids and those who are just starting out playing this game. It comes with two pucks and two pushers, so you have everything you need.

The high-output electric glower keeps the puck moving quickly and smoothly over the playing surface without any resistance. There are two goal boxes and manual scorers to allow you to keep score of each game easily.

While this is a more basic air hockey table, it is perfect for kids. It is designed to stay stable and balanced at all times. The electric-powered top of the table makes it easy to shoot back and forth without any issues.

The rubber pads on each leg of this table will not mark up your floor at all. This is a great choice for those who want an air hockey table that is easy to store and transport. There is virtually no assembly required for this table.


  • Rubber pads on feet of table that won’t scuff or mark up your flooring.
  • Comes with 2 pucks and 2 pushers to get you started.
  • Powered electric fan is AC-adapter powered.
  • Electric tabletop design keep the game going as smoothly as possible with minimal resistance.
  • Sliding manual scorers allow you to keep track of the score for each game.
  • Just attach the two goal boxes and you’re ready to start playing.


  • No on/off switch.
  • No electronic scoring (only manual).
  • A little bit too short


This multigame table allows you to choose from numerous games to play, including billiards, ping pong, lunch football, and air hockey. It has a rotating swivel design that quickly and easily changes from one game to another.

The central air distribution system that this table is designed with makes it perfect for air hockey. You will never have to worry about any resistance or lag with the puck. This table measures 48” long by 23.75” wide by 32” tall. It is a perfect height for most teens.

When you buy this table you will get all of the necessary accessories for getting started. This table will help you save room by not having to get individual tables for all the different games. If you only have a small space to work with, this table is a good choice.

There are brace support beams on both the sides and ends of this table to keep it solid and well-balanced at all times. It is a great game table for younger people, but adults can have fun using it as well.


  • Side and end support beams to keep the table sturdy no matter what game you are playing.
  • Multi-game design allows you to choose from numerous games.
  • Switch from one game to another in just seconds with the table’s swivel design.
  • Table is small enough to fit in most rooms without taking up a lot of space.
  • Great deal for the money.
  • Extremely effective air flow system that will make every game of air hockey smooth and fast.
  • Perfect height for teenagers.


  • Can be difficult to use for taller players.
  • Playing surface can get dinged up easily.


The Redline Acclaim air hockey table features a nice laminated play surface to keep every game moving along smoothly. The 110V motor is powerful enough to keep the puck and pushers gliding along the surface, and it features a switch.

You will receive 2 pushers and 2 pucks when you order this air hockey table. It has manual slide scoring for keeping track of the store in competitions or everyday gameplay. There is an external puck catcher that will always catch the puck when a goal is made.

The L-style legs of this table are sturdy enough to ensure that it doesn’t wobble or move around. This is a good air hockey table for beginners and intermediate players. It doesn’t take up much space, which is good for those who don’t have much to work with at home.

This table measures 27” wide by 54” in diameter, and it has a lip around the edge of the table to prevent the puck from flying off. It is fairly sturdy and long-lasting, so you should be able to get years use of use from it.


  • PVC laminated playing surface doesn’t get scratched or marked up easily.
  • External puck catcher makes it easy to retrieve the puck when a goal is scored.
  • Small enough to fit in rooms where there isn’t a lot of space.
  • Solid L-style legs that prevent wobbling during gameplay.
  • 110V motor features a switch and guarantees smooth back and forth every game.


  • Too small for most adults to play normally.
  • Puck that comes with table is a bit flimsy.


The Hathaway Phantom air hockey table is perfect for advanced players and is designed for competitions. It features electronic scoring as well as automatic puck return for convenient gameplay.

The airflow system that this table uses is powerful and distributes air evenly throughout for smooth movement of the puck. There are two electric blowers that pump air through the ½” plenum, which has a baffled design for superior control.

It has an impressively sharp and attractive design that your friends will be sure to take notice of right away. This air hockey table measures 81” long by 42” wide by 1” deep. It is also extremely durable and not prone to damage even with regular long-term use.


  • Stunningly attractive design with retro style and glossy sides.
  • Comes with a money back guarantee.
  • Two very powerful blowers make for smooth and quick gameplay every time.
  • Tournament-quality design that is perfect for competitions.
  • Scratch-resistant high-gloss poly sealed surface.
  • Chrome finished corner connectors.
  • Expert craftsmanship.


  • Might be a bit pricey for beginners.
  • Scoreboard sometimes doesn’t register scores properly.


There are lots of air hockey tables available on the market, but we really like the Hathaway Phantom Air Hockey Table.

This table is designed for more advanced players and features an electronic scorer and other great features.

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line air hockey table, this is certainly one option that you should consider.

Now that you bought an air hockey table, you definitely want to read our post on how to clean an air hockey table in 7 simple steps.

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21 Foosball Tricks & Tips That’ll Help You CRUSH Opponents!

21 Foosball Tricks & Tips That’ll Make You A Foosball Master!

Love playing foosball? hi, we get it! We’re absolutely addicted to foosball, its one of the best games ever made by man, in fact just writing these lines makes us want to drop our mac and go play some foosball.

But don’t worry, we won’t do that, because we have to help you improve your foosball gaming skills.

We’re about to give you awesome 21 foosball tips and tricks that’ll make you a MASTER in the game of foosball.

QUICK TIP: First, if you haven’t read, read our post about the rules of foosball. 

Wether you love playing foosball in your office at work, with buddies at home, or even professionally, we’re confident that this post will help you improve your skills.

Remeber, knowledge is NOT power, its power in potential. Meaning, if you won’t actually practice these tips and take some action, just ‘knowing’ them will do nothing for you.

So make sure you read this post a few times if you’re serious at getting better at the game of football table (foosball sounds so much better…)



This is the worst mistakes newbie foosball players make. They are too predictable. Be creative, and your opponent will never see it coming. See a clear path? kick with your goalie all the way to your opponents goal, you’ll be surprised on how many easy scores you’ll get that way.


remember, your opponent has 15 seconds to do his move. You want to be constantly moving your players, don’t stop. Look at the players hes moving and react accordingly.


If you’re anything like us, you dont like losing. That being said, if you were a new soccer player and you had the chance to play and learn from Christiano Ronaldo, would you do it? of course you would!

Well, same applies to foosball. You might get frustrated losing to a foosball pro, but you’ll learn so much and improve your skills fast!


Another common mistake is beginners make, is having a very tight, hold grip on the foosball tables handles. Don’t do that.

You will want to keep a pretty loose grip on the handle, the reason is youll be able to shoot and spin the handle faster that way.

You will also be able to move your hands between handles faster, but if your hands are “stuck” on the handle, it will take you an extra second to loosen the grip, which can cost you the game!


Want to be a pro foosball player that beats everyone, everywhere? You must do some arm exercise preferably with weights.

Work on your forearm, wrist, biceps and shoulders and you will be able to spin the handles faster, and even play foosball for a longer time, which will make you a strong and in-shape foosball player!


When performing a ‘open handed shot’ in foosball, the speed of the shot will increase dramatically.

To shoot a “open handed shot” simply spin the handle on the wrist.

It won’t be as accurate as if you would close your hand and grip harder on the handle, but it will be extremely fast.


Just dropping the ball into the hole is a terrible foosball mistake! You’re basically giving your opponent a free possession, where he or she can score easily. Why would you do that?!

Learn to spin the ball and control the angle when serving the ball. It will take you time to master, so you’ll need to practice your serving technique.

Once you master this, you will increase your winning odds significantly, so don’t underestimate the serve.


Stay focused, we cant stress this enough. Many players get over-whelmed as theres a lot going on in a foosball game. However, you must stay focused if you want to win.

Keep your eyes on the ball and glance to your opponents hands from time to time, that’ll help you better focus on the game progress, plan your next shots, and predict your opponents next move.

foosball winning tips


This tip is powerful, so read carefully. Learn to move two of your defense handles (rods) together, as a small defense unit. That will make it extremely hard on your opponent to score.

Make sure your players don’t over-lap, spread them out with small gaps between them, and you’ll have the defense of a premier league soccer team.


Did you know that your goal has the width of 5 foosball balls? well, you do now.

Understanding that will help you cover your goal efficiently, and you won’t have to spend extra man-power covering the entire goal, you just dont need to do that.

You want to spread your defense players, so they defend 50% of each hole, and not the entire hole. Meaning, X player defends 50% of hole 1, and 50% of hole number 2, that way, if your opponent will shoot to hole 1 or 2, he won’t be able to score! 

Look at the figure below to better understand this tactic 

foosball tips - goal
Cover 50% of each hole. You don’t need to cover the entire hole, that way, 1 player defends two positions.


Have you ever got a ricochet goal? they suck! Especially because avoiding them is extremely easy.

Heres what you want to do: simply tilt your defense players backwards whenever you notice a shot is going to hit a wall that is close to your goal.

By doing this simple technique, the ricochet ball won’t cost you a point!


Again, when playing with many beginners we noticed they forget to play defense. In foosball, we would say you want to focus 70% on defense and 30% on offense.

Having a good defense will prevent most of your opponents goals, and will be so much easier on you to score.

So focus on blocking easy shots from your opponents, and then use the blocks to your advantage and go on the offense. But never forget to play defense!

Also, make sure your eyes are on the ball and your defensive players are always on the move, like we suggested in the tips before.


If You’re playing one on one, try mastering this technique as it can be a game changer!

Try using your pinkie and thumb on your left hand to play with your entire defense unit (meaning your 2 defense handles).

It wont be easy to master at first, but when you get used to it, you literally become a foosball behemoth.


You will be surprised at how many players forget to breath during a foosball game, and then they faint and die!

Ok, we lied, you won’t faint and die but you definitely want to pace your breathing during an intense foosball game, so your body will able to function and you won’t run out of breath, letting your opponent beat you with ease.


Usually, the obvious play is usually the worst possible play. Because your opponent will be able to predict it, and prepare his players to react!

When you become creative, and play with the right mindset, youll take advantage of situations and score easy goals.

Dont be afraid to mix things up, and bounce the ball off of the walls in order to score. Try scoring when your opponent less expects it.


Don’t get into this “circle of stupidity” of you hitting the ball, your opponent blocks it, you try the same exact shot again, and guess what? you get blocked again.

Consistency is important, but doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, was defined by the great Albert Einstein as ‘insanity‘.

If you know your opponent is good at blocking a specific type of shot, why not try a different angle or shot instead ?


This one seems pretty obvious but we wanted you to remember that. The more you play, the better you will get at foosball.

In fact, if you haven’t yet, we highly recommend getting a foosball table for your own house to practice on. We recently picked the 10 best foosball tables ever –  click to read the post. 


When you rotate your wrist while holding the handle, make sure you rotate fast and make a 180 degrees movement.

Dont get lazy and make the entire movement that way the ball will gain more speed and momentum when your players hit it.


Scored a goal? shout “YES!!!!” or “GOOOALLL” or whatever you want to shout, but do celebrate.

Wonder why? 1. its fun and will boost your moral. and the second reason – it will discourage your opponent and get him out of his game even further, which will increase the odds of you winning. And you like winning, don’t you? 🙂


You have to lubricate your rod with some oil so everything will go smooth and fast.

Another great tip is to slide the rubber bumpers along the rod and to the end of it, to clean the residue and dust build-up, that will help the rod slide better.


Foosball is a very exciting fun game, don’t forget that!

While winning is important for your confidence, and finances if you play professionally, if you stop enjoying the game you won’t play with enthusiasm and lose anyway.



We hope this post helped you learn some new techniques, and improved your understanding of the amazing game of foosball.

Foosball is an extremely fun and exciting game, and its usually played at home with friends and family.

That being said, being a better foosball player will enhance your gaming experience and to be honest, nobody likes to lose!

None the less, there are professional foosball tournaments, where you can compete for serious money. To see the entire tournament list, click here to go to the official IFP website.

Some of our readers told us they play foosball for money and bet with their friends, so this post can literally make you money if you do that.

We said it before and we will repeat it again, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. If you’re not having fun (unless your a pro playing for money) than your missing the point.

We’re trying to grow and we write our content to help folks out, we hope you appreciate that!

Last, would you share this post via social media? it will help us a lot and will allow us to keep writing awesome content like this post!

How to Clean a Ping Pong Table : in 9 Super Easy Steps!

Clean Your Ping Pong Table in Just 9 Super Easy Steps

We love ping pong tables! Except when its time to clean them. Thats why we thought you would appreciate a simple strategy that’ll help you clean your table in no-time!

To clean your ping pong table all you need is to do is unscrew the net, take off everything, and then wet & dry wipe it with some (bleach-free) cleanser. We will expand on that in this post and teach you a easy & efficient process.

Cleaning is not always fun, but its necessary unless you want your ping pong table to collect dust, bacteria, and become sticky (gross right?).

But when done the right way, cleaning your table-tennis table (try saying that 3 times in a row), can be fast and efficient.

Clean it well, and you won’t have to clean it too often.

We’ve put together 9 super easy steps to getting your ping pong table so clean, you could literally eat from it (not that you should..but you get the point).

*Quick tip: need a ping pong table? we reviewed the best ones in this post.



*QUICK TIP: feel free to click the links above to go directly to a specific section.

Before we dive right into the cleaning, lets talk about the accessories & materials you’ll need.


Well besides the obvious reasons like the esthetics of the room and the table, and the fact that you don’t want to get sick from the dust & germs that accumalate on the table, theres 1 more good reason to clean the table-tennis table.

That reason is that dirt and residue will actually mess up your game, if the table is dirty and sticky, the ball won’t bounce as well and your ping-pong experience, will basically suck.

So in case you thought you can get away without cleaning your table, think again!

Now that we convinced you that you should clean your table, lets dive into what materials you’ll need, and how exactly you will clean your ping pong table efficiently.


  • A Smile & Some Good Attitude! (makes everything better, haha)
  • 2 cotton cloths / towels
  • Water (preferably warm)
  • Surface cleanser / Table tennis cleaner (find it on amazon)
  • 1 Bowl 
  • Vinegar (to soak the net in)

Have all these materials in reach and make sure you prepare them before hand. Otherwise you will be inefficient and will run around looking for a specific material which can take a lot of time (happened to us too many times).

*QUICK TIP: We also recommend you  keep a hand-sanitizer near the ping pong table at all times, so players can sanitize their hands before touching the table, paddles and balls. Keeps everyone safe and the environment germ-free.

You can find all of these materials, the cloth and even a special ping-pong table cleanser on amazon or walmart.

Now that we got all the materials ready, lets go straight into the cleaning process, we hope you’re ready to have some fun! (cleaning, yay! … )



Cleaning your ping pong table is an easy task, but if you do it right, it will save you a ton of time and even money (you won’t ruin the table and have to buy a new one…)

Just follow these steps to clean your table without worrying about ruining it or the entire process to take too much of your time.

STEP 1: Go to youtube and turn some fun music on!

STEP 2: Get all the cleaning materials we mentioned above ready and in hand.

STEP 3: take everything off of the table, including the paddles, balls and unscrew the net.

STEP 4: Pour some water and vinegar to the bowl, and soak the net in it for 10-15 minutes. That will clean the net from bacteria and make it look as new. Make sure you let it dry before you re-install the net.

STEP 5: Get the dry cloth that you hopefully prepared like we told you to (follow the instructions, c’mon now! 🙂 ) and wipe the dust off of the table.

STEP 6: Spray some surface cleaner / ping pong table cleaner on the surface of the table and use the other cloth to wipe it off.

STEP 7: If you have some tough stains on the table, you will need to repeat step 6 until they’re all wiped off!

STEP 8: Hang the net to dry and wait until the ping pong table is completely dry as well. When it is, re-install the net and YOU’RE DONE!

STEP 9: YOU DID GREAT! Grab a can of your favorite beer and spoil yourself for a job well-done. (unless you’re under-aged, or allergic to gluten, well, you know what we mean).

*WARNING: most ping pong tables are made out of wood, DO NOT use bleach!

*QUICK TIP: if you’re already cleaning the table, make sure you clean the surrounding area as well from dust so it won’t end up on your table. Also wipe the ping pong paddles and balls!

CONGRATS! Your Ping Pong Table is Clean, Now (try) to Keep it That Way!

Now that your table is cleaner than the palace of queen Elizabeth, your ping pong experience will be so much better and fun!

Just remember to keep it clean so you won’t have to repeat that process very often.

In fact, we expanded a bit and wrote some tips on how to keep your ping pong table cleaner for a long period of time!


Now that your table is clean, make sure you keep it that way, so you won’t have to clean it often.

We highly recommend keeping some surface cleaning material and paper towel close to your table.

Every time you’re done playing, just quickly spray some of the cleaning material on it and dry it off with the paper towel.

That’ll save you from having to “deep clean” your ping pong table and will prevent from dust and residue to accumulate on it.

If you suffer from, sorry, we mean have children (haha our wives will kill us now) make sure you educate them about wiping the ping pong table after they’re done playing.

If you won’t you’ll end up cleaning on an hourly basis, trust us, we know.

Also, consider covering your ping pong table when its not in use, that will help prevent dust from accumulating on it, and dust is the biggest problem with these types of tables.

It’s Play Time!

We hope that this article helped you clean and understand why you should keep your table clean at all times.

Now that the table is clean, dust free, and beautiful to look at, go ahead and play some table-tennis! That was the whole purpose, wasn’t it? (unless you cleaned it for your kids, in that case, we feel your pain).

Last, we will really appreciate it if you can share this post via social media, that will help us grow our website and write more free, awesome content!

To read more ping-pong tips and reviews, click here.

21 Table Tennis Tips: Never Lose a Ping Pong Game Again!

21 Ping Pong Tips That’ll Dramatically Improve Your Skills!

Wether you’re a beginning or a professional ping pong player, you can always improve your skills! In this post, we will cover some ping pong tips for beginners and advanced players!

First, we will cover the easier stuff, and then, we dive in to the more advanced table tennis skills that could help you win the next world championship of ping pong!

Ok, maybe we got a little too excited. But these tips will definitely help you take your ping pong game to a whole new level.

Ready for some ping pong tricks? lets do this!


Many beginning ping pong players don’t even know how to hold the paddle the right way. Your grip is crucial if you want to win the game.

There are a few ways to hold a ping pong paddle, but the two best ways are the penhold grip and the shakehand grip. 

Both grips actually tell you how to implement them in their name, shake hand grip, meaning your hand should be in the same position of a hand shake.

Pen hold, is like holding a pen.

If you’re a beginning  ping pong player, stick to the shake-hand grip.

If you are more advanced, try the pen hold grip, although its not for everybody.

Below are images of both grips, try to practice with both so you’ll be able to choose the one you like the best.

how to hold a paddle


Having the right ping pong paddle is very important. Get a cheap paddle, and its like trying to fish with a fork.

Seriously, take the time to read this post where we ranked the best ping pong paddles.

If you’re going to a battle, you better pick a good gun. Playing ping pong is like going to battle. Almost. well, you get the point.


This is one of the most common mistakes beginners make. They stand too close to the ping pong table.

Take a few steps back, that way, if you need to come forward youll take a step and get closer to the net.

But if your opponent serves a tricky shot, you’ll have more time to respond if you’re further back!

ping pong stance
Notice how far these pro players are from the table!  


If you’ve heard of Anthony Robbins, the motivational speaker, he always says that “modeling success” is the best way to achieve success. We simply couldn’t agree more.

If you want to become better at ping pong, you should definitely watch, and model (mimic) what these players are doing. Notice how they’re hitting the ball. Watch their footwork. Look at how they hold the ping pong paddle. 

Below is a video of some plays out of the  2013 World Table Tennis Championship, watch the video and see how much you can learn from just watching these players.


Theres nothing better than being unpredictable when it comes to your ping pong serves. We know. If you have ever played against a good ping pong player, you just didn’t know whats coming.

Do NOT serve the same way every time. Throw a fast serve, then do a pure spin (hit the ball with an angle), then a short serve(forcing your opponent to quickly come closer to the net), just mix your serves up and confuse him/her!

Mixing up your serves will confuse your opponent, as he will need to react fast. The same actually is true to the game itself; surprise your opponent by changing the angles on him and the direction of the ball, and you will be invincible (or at least very hard to beat).


This beautiful quote always gives us the chills, and its so true in ping pong as it is in life. Attack, attack, attack, and you’ll set yourself to win any ping pong game.

Especially when your opponent hits a long-serve, get to the ball quickly and hit it hard and fast.

Attacking your opponent will also position him in a “defensive” state of mind, and he will be less likely to hit back with an attack of his own, unless hes a good player.

Play on the offense and make him react to you, and not the opposite.


Have you heard about the 10,000 hours rule? basically, research have shown that every if you do 10,000 hours of almost anything in life, you will become a master.

The same is true in soccer, basketball, and even starting a business.

If you want to become a master in the game of ping pong, you have to practice. If youre just playing for fun and to beat your friends, thats totally fine, this tip is more for those who want to become a ping pong behemoth.

While you dont have to actually practice for 10,000 hours, make sure you practice. We highly recommend getting a ping pong robot (we reviewed them in this post) as they will help you practice by urself and are very fun to play with!


Its so annoying to lose a point just because you pulled a muscle or just wasnt warm enough and fast enough to get to the ball. This tip is pretty self-explanatory.

Warm your body up before you play, you can even jump in place for a bit, stretch your body, and get ready to crash your opponent!


Keep your eyes on his paddle and stance, youll be able to detect at least how fast hes going to serve the ball.

A common mistake is looking at the ball, don’t do that unless you want your opponent to confuse you.

When you notice a pattern in your opponents serves, use it to your advantage; is he always serving deep? or does he spin-serve very often?

Most ping pong players follow patterns and you should use that in your favor, if you know what your opponents’ next move is, its so much easier to prepare yourself to a counter-attack.


Remember, the purpose is not just to return to ball; you want to hit the ball low so it will be harder for your opponent to hit it back without hitting the net.

You probably noticed that yourself, the closer the ball is to the net, the harder it is to hit it back in a good way, without fouling yourself.

Keeping your returns pretty low will also prevent your opponent from maneuvering the ball or being too creative with his / her returns.


Like in any game, most ping poker players follow a pattern. In fact, the better your opponent is, the more obvious his pattern will be.

You might not be able to predict his every move, but is he usually hitting it hard? or is he more of a “spinner”?

If you notice his pattern, you’ll be able to position yourself in a better way, and will increase your odds of winning the game.


You need to develop a killer forehand if you want to be a good ping pong player. Work on your footwork, move from side to side and practice your forehand.

We also highly recommend strengthening your forearm with different exercises, that’ll help you hit harder and for a longer period of time.

Most times you will return and even serve with a forehand (the same is true in tennis, by the way) so you better develop a strong forehand – focus on what matters.


Serving with a spin is actually easy. Learn to serve with a sidespin and your opponent will not know what hit him.

Checkout the video below to learn how to serve a sidespin – 

It will be difficult to master at first, but once you get it right, its a game-changer (literally).


Ping pong is a sport. If you want to win in basketball, you better be able to jump, right? And we don’t know of a good soccer player that can’t run for long distances without getting tired.

The same is true for table tennis. Workout and stay in shape, make sure your working on your cardio so you have the stamina to last in long games.

You also want to work on your shoulders and arm muscles to be able to hit without getting your hands tired.


This one is basic, but we’ve seen people who foul to some very basic rules so we thought we should remind you the rules of ping pong.

In fact, we recently published a post about the rules, which you can read here.

For instance, did you know that you must throw the ball, when serving, at least 6 inches above your hand, or it will be considered a foul? if you have not known that already, read the rules again.


We’re not kidding. Research have shown that when you celebrate your points youre demoralizing your opponent and actually motivating yourself.

When you score a point celebrate by shouting: “oh yeah!!!” or “woooohoooo” or “I totally crushed you, you loser, now go home and cry to mommy”… ok we got carried away again, but you get the point.


You have to be strong mentally to win in any sport. Ping pong is definitely a mental game and you have to keep your head right. Stay focused, and control your temper.

Lost a point? your opponent won last game by a fluke? thats fine. You’ll get him next time.

If you let him get in your head, you won’t be able to win. The known “tilt” in poker, where a player just cant think right and try to win back by playing bad hands, is also true in ping pong. Stick to your game plan and you’ll be fine.


Have you ever watched the movie “any given sunday?” in El paccino’s beautiful speech to his team, hes telling them that “they must be willing to die for the inches” if they’re going to win.

Well, we’re not going to be as dramatic as El, but hes 100% right.

You’re always an inch away from hitting the ball, so make the effort and fight for it. Don’t get lazy on your returns, stay on your toes and win the inch – and you will win the game.


We can bet you never thought about your breathing when playing ping pong, unless you’re a very good player. If you dont pace your breathing right, you’re going to run out of breath, and you can even mess up on your returns & serves.

A good way to breath is to exhale when you return and quickly inhale back. Before the game starts, do some breathing exercises. Take a few deep inhales hold for 5 seconds, and exhale slowly. This will clean your lungs and will help you play for a longer period of time.


Most amateurs ping pong players hit the ball with just the power of the wrist / arm. Thats a huge mistake.

If you want to hit the ball with some power, you want to use your entire body weight.

You want to lower your center of gravity and rotate your entire upper body and hit the ball with some serious power.

Practice that tip and you’ll do some serious damage.

21. Implement These Ping Pong Tips – And You’ll Get Better

Have you heard the saying “knowledge is power”? well, its not always true.

We believe knowledge is potential power. If you don’t implement and actually take action on the tips we just gave you in this post, it won’t matter that you know them.

You need to actually follow them. And when it comes to the game of ping pong, live by them.


We hope you learned something new from this post, we invested a lot of time and effort into it.

Ping pong is a fantastic game, its extremely exciting and can be played both professionally or just for fun with your buddies at home.

However, becoming a master at ping pong will take time and a lot of effort, just like any other sport. Theres much more to table-tennis than a couple paddles and some balls.

You need to know how to hit some tricky, fast serves, and how to position yourself right in order to return the ball when your opponent is trying to score.

Theres also, of course, the net that you will hit from time to time and will get fouled, but thats just part of this fabulous game.

Learn to win, and learn to lose, and most importantly, enjoy yourself, after all, this is sports and either way you should have fun.

If you want to improve your ping pong skills, we recommend you give that post another read. When reading it twice, you’ll make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Don’t hesitate to comment below with questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you!

Last, if you liked this post, please go ahead and share it via social media, so we can grow

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10 Best Foosball Tables: These Football Tables Are AWESOME!

We Picked The Best Foosball Tables!

Buying a great foosball table requires a certain amount of skill. Not only do you have to pay attention to detail, but you also have to ensure you’re able to play the game in both defensive and offensive manners.

Plus, you should know enough about the prices involved to recognize a good bargain when you see it.

This knowledge goes hand in hand with evaluating the materials the vendors are using as well as their inclusion of all the needed parts.

In order to help you make the best decision, we’ve gathered some awesome info reviews of the best options available right now.

These tables are provided by different manufacturers and offer different features. You can, hence, make a more informed decision and get the perfect table for your requirements.

Reviewing foosball tables before making a purchase would mean that you won’t have to go about buying missing parts or seeking a whole new table in a couple of years.

After reading this post, you’d have a better shot at choosing a sturdy, lasting, and high-performing football table.

Before we go into the foosball tables, make sure you read the rules of foosball post we published recently. Also, you want to read our post on foosball tables size & dimensions guide to make sure you’re buying the right one.

Now that we got that out of the way, lets dive into the 10 best foosball tables in terms of value, quality, and price.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks:



Top 10 Best Foosball Tables: Reviewed

Below are the 10 best foosball tables. We picked them out of 40 foosball tables, so you whichever one you pick, you’re making a good buying decision.

1. Tornado Elite Foosball Table


This model has amazing commercial-quality rods, which are by far the most important feature in an excellent foosball table.

The wood is a traditional kind, being Victorian cherry laminate. It costs around $150 more than the Tornado Classic, a similar model with a lower quality of rods. With the Tornado Elite, you also get great quality of levelers as well as counterbalanced men.

Highly Durable

This foosball table weighs a full 225 pounds with a 1.5-inch thick cabinet. It’s perfectly made for withstanding heavy-duty playing and the occasional rough usage. It’s sturdy, resists warping, and is made of high-quality materials.

Great Gameplay

You’d be hard-pressed to find a table with better precision and smoother movements. The counterbalanced players make sure every man on the same team is positioned in the right manner. You can be sure of fast-paced, continuous gameplay when you have this table for your foosball tournaments.


  • Wooden handles have a smooth, comfy grip
  • Level, sturdy surface for playing
  • Suitable for professionals
  • Exceptionally durable and high quality
  • Rods offer commercial quality
  • Beautiful aesthetics with bright, contrasting colors


  • Assembly could be quite difficult
  • Expensive; not affordable for average consumers


This table is specially constructed for professional players, but it’s still affordable enough for the masses to buy and install in their homes and schools. Its parts are made for the American type of foosball, which is what most US players want, whether they’re professional or novice.

Fun Playing Experience

This table gives several fun gaming options and excellent control over the game. It has a solid construction that won’t give away, even after hours of rough playing. It’s also simple to assemble, meaning you can get on with playing as soon as possible! There’s even an instructional video on YouTube in order to help enthusiastic players get over the hassle of assembling quickly.

High Level of Quality

This table is the only one that Warrior produces. Thus, it provides an unsurpassed level of quality since the company solely focuses on this one offering for foosball fans. In fact, this is the table that the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) recommends.

This durable quality is due to the stable and durable fiberboard, a much better option than mere wood. The construction is also highly solid and stable, so you get the best of both worlds here.


  • Thin inner bearing prevents the ball from passing between the wall and men
  • Quality foosballs for true roll enhancement
  • Safety guards for rods
  • Assembly is quite easy
  • Suitable for professional players
  • Solid, durable construction for reliable and long-term playing


  • Might be too slow and cumbersome for high-level professionals


Tornado is a name that simply oozes foosball. This sporty table is no exception, having a lovely thick mahogany cabinet. While the price may be a bit much for some, this sturdy 200-pound contraption is certainly worth it if you’re a foosball enthusiast. However, do keep in mind that this table is best for novices and intermediate players, not professionals.

Extremely Durable

This table might not be the most elegant one of the lot, but its MDF material is of a very high grade. The cabinet is an inch thick, giving this table a sturdy performance no matter how you play on it. Since it’s been made in the United States, you can rest assured that it’s of extremely high quality and would last you several years of nonstop fun.

Fast Gameplay

Since the table weighs a good 200 pounds, it’s highly stable and would stay level even when the players get a little overexcited. There’s also the option of placing shims inside to level up the table even more. Since the steel rods aren’t solid, they will move smoothly and lightly.


  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Great quality materials
  • Offers long hours of fun
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smooth, high-quality rods
  • Beautiful appearance with mahogany melamine finish and bright colors—yellow, black, green, etc.


  • Assembly has one difficult part of getting hollow rods through poles
  • Counterbalanced men not available, so not suitable for pros


This classic offering weighs a whopping 225 pounds. It also has a unique laminate finish of black leather. Its appearance, along with the counterbalanced men, makes this table a great offering for the more experienced foosball players.


This table is made to last a long time. The cabinet is one of the thickest on the market, and everything else is of an immensely high quality. The playing field is also quite thick, making for a non-warping experience even with the roughest game you can throw at it. The handles are smooth and easy to operate, making for smooth movement every single time.


With the modern leather finish, light-colored wooden handles, and yellow/green players, the contrast is enough to make this table a wonder! Finish off your den with this contemporary piece and you’ll never regret your choice.


  • Highly durable and quite sturdy
  • Counterbalanced players make it good for professional use
  • Made in the United States
  • Quality is professional level
  • Levelers are commercial grade with handles made of solid wood
  • Fast and smooth playing
  • Smooth movement of rods


  • Requires at least two people for assembly


If you’re on the lookout for a professional-grade foosball table, this should be among your top choices. It’s extremely robust, weighs a hefty 355 pounds, and is structured to outlast even yourself. The split cabinet would give you an irresistibly smooth playing experience, and the mechanical bearings with the counterbalanced men are sure to give you the professionalism you crave for.

Thoughtful Features

This model is equipped with everything you need for a long-lasting and fun game. The cabinet is 1.5 inches thick with a 0.75-inch playfield. Since thinner parts are prone to warping or splintering, these are highly coveted features. Plus, the field is level, the rods are smooth, and the wooden handles are stylish and long-lasting at the same time.

Great Aesthetics

This table is no doubt a beauty with the bright green field and black legs and yellow bodies of the men. It also boasts a beautiful steel outer, which would make the whole thing a statement piece in your rec room as well as a fun party-starter.


  • Extremely sturdy
  • Would last for several years, if not decades
  • Fast, smooth, and enjoyable playing experience
  • Very little requirement for assembly
  • Smooth movement of rods
  • Provides a professional playing field
  • Suitable for pros and intermediate players


  • On the pricey side
  • Decals on the table’s sides give a tacky appearance


This highly popular table is one of the lighter ones. Still, its 148 pounds do leave it quite sturdy. You can play as aggressively as you wish; the ball return and counterbalanced men would make sure your playing remains smooth and fun the whole time!

High Quality

The materials in this table are MDF and hardwood. There’s a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure this table’s going to last. The brand may be one of the newer ones, but it already has quite a reputation when it comes to foosball tables.

Smooth Gameplay

The playing surface of this table eschews any dead spots that could disturb your gameplay. The rods are plated with chrome, and the blue/red players make it easy to play. With the easy ball return, you won’t have to worry about a thing.


  • Great value for money
  • High-quality structure and design
  • Goes well with any room décor
  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Convenient retrieval system for the ball
  • Easy system for keeping score
  • Easy to transform between 1-goalie and 3-goalie designs
  • Includes counterbalanced men, making it suitable for professionals


  • Several detachable components make it very time-consuming to assemble
  • Digital scorers reported as being too sensitive at times
  • Pushers could be too small for some players


This simple table gives you a lot of bang for your buck! It’s elegant, durable, and excellent in performance. This is the table to get if you’re on a budget but still want an honest-to-goodness foosball table.

High Durability

The table may look sleek, but it’s also extremely sturdy for any kind of gameplay. You can have some serious games as well as those you play just for kicks. The stainless-steel rods are partially solid and chrome-plated to last even longer. The counterweighted men and wooden handles make for a smooth, uninterrupted movement. The leg levelers also have rubber bottoms that would prevent any slipping and crashing.

Elegant Appearance

Though it’s very reasonable in price, this foosball table looks quite pricey. It has a cabinet with a lovely black finishing, chrome accents, and an overall look of class. It has a classic appearance, somewhat like a butcher’s block with chrome cup holders. This makes it best to set up and install right in your home.


  • Looks luxurious and elegant
  • Gives good value for the price
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Sturdy handles for smooth and reliable gameplay
  • Premium build quality


  • Assembly process is quite challenging
  • Proper instructions not provided
  • Slide scoring system may not be well received by everyone


This foosball table is a top-notch one for American-style playing. It’s specially constructed for competitive games. With an elegant aesthetic and sturdy components, you can be sure of a gameplay to remember with this beauty!

Excellent Gaming Experience

This table features counterbalanced players that would always stay on the rods in a horizontal position. This will give every player a clear shot without interruption. The control over the rods and the ball capture is unparalleled by any other model on the market. There are also compression bumpers that lock the men and prevent them from moving around the rods. The slightly elevated edges of the table further add to the professional playing area, preventing the ball from stopping at awkward places.

Highly Durable

The stainless-steel playing rods are extremely sturdy and pleasant to look at. The exterior is beautifully laminated with chestnut finishing. The playing field also has rubber cushions that would ensure the table stays safe during the roughest of games.


  • Elegant, sturdy, long-lasting construction
  • Lock-on-Men compression bumpers included
  • Includes counterbalanced men for professional playing
  • Able to handle vigorous usage
  • Premium quality materials used in every nook and cranny
  • Rods move smoothly and without sticking
  • Leg levelers included


  • Assembly is quite challenging and could be very time-consuming
  • Expensive


The Carom Signature brand is known for its manufacturing within the United States. This should instantly reassure American customers of the excellent value provided by the company. It provides several excellent features and many different choices.

Highly Durable

At a weight of 177 pounds, this table has a 1-inch thick cabinet made of warp-resistant wood. Its playing surface is extremely thick, and the graphics are made of enamel, protecting the whole thing from wear and tear. It also boasts steel rods that are hollow, providing a light and smooth gameplay. The rods themselves are very long-lasting. If there’s an issue with this table, the 1-year warranty should take care of the complaints.

Fun Gaming

No matter what level a foosball player is on, they would surely appreciate the counterbalanced players this table provides. This feature makes sure the players are horizontal and provides enough space for the ball to move smoothly. This counterbalancing also gives one full control of the rods.


  • Sturdy build offers long-term fun
  • Carom Signature is available in three vibrant colors
  • Chrome rods move smoothly and provide a fine playing experience
  • Counterbalanced men for professional use
  • Made in the United States of America


  • Some reviews mention some dead spots on the table
  • Assembly could be quite complicated and require more than one person at a time


This is one of the best foosball table brands on the market today. When you get a Garlando, you’re sure to get excellent materials and a high-grade experience!


The best aspect of this foosball table is that it’s completely waterproof. No need to worry about it being caught in the rain or any other type of bad weather. You’d also be getting one vinyl waterproof cover in order to get that extra layer of protection from the elements. Since all the materials and parts are waterproof with an anti-rust coating, cleaning this table is a breeze! You can have this table placed outside for some fresh air while you play.

High Quality

The material of this table is a long-lasting marine plywood. There’s waterproof glue used to assemble it, and the metal legs are anti-scratch. Thus, there’s no need to worry about this table wearing out anytime soon!


  • Able to withstand hard and rough games
  • Gives value for money
  • Stable, very heavy, and made of high-quality parts
  • Suitable for playing outdoors
  • Appeals to the aesthetic sense
  • Comes with weatherproof design
  • Telescopic rods go inside to prevent injury when the table is not in use


  • Grips on rods are narrower than average, making for a more difficult gameplay
  • Provided instructions aren’t very clear

The Bottom Line

If you’re on the lookout for a foosball table, first know your requirements. You may simply be looking for the lowest price or best value for money.

Then again, you may not even care about the price but simply need the best foosball table for professional playing. No matter what your needs are, you’d probably be able to find them fulfilled in the above products.

Even if you decide to go with something completely different from what we’ve discussed here, the features of these awesome foosball tables would be sure to guide you toward your best option. Here’s wishing you all the best in your foosball endeavors and the best playing experience!

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10 Best Ping Pong Balls : Ultimate Buyers Guide!

We Reviewed The Best Ping Pong Balls

The ping pong balls you use can have a huge impact on your performance in any given game. If you are tired of getting beat by all your friends, you need to find the right balls. This is the first step in attaining greatness at this sport.

We love table tennis! In fact, we recently reviewed the best ping pong tables (read it here), helped you find a good ping pong paddle , and even wrote about the rules of ping pong.

But todays post is all about finding the perfect ping pong balls that will make your game so much better!

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks:



In this post, we cover: 

  • What to look for in the perfect set of ping pong balls
  • Our picks : best ping pong balls

Lets dive right into it!

What to Look For When Buying Ping Pong Balls

Unlike man, not all ping pong balls are created equal. You will need to consider the fullowing before purchasing any balls.

Star Rating

The star rating of the ping pong balls you buy is crucial. These balls go from 1 to 5 stars, depending on their overall quality. It is important to understand how the star rating of these balls affects performance.

You will find that one and two star balls aren’t very durable. These balls are commonly suld in large packs fairly cheap. If you are a very casual ping pong player, two star balls should be adequate.

Five star balls are what the professionals get, as they are extremely durable. You can easily get years of use out of these balls if you treat them right.

Butterfly balls are rated 3 stars and are frequently used in high-profile competitions. They are known for being fairly durable and generally last a long time. These balls have very high speed and consistency ratings.

If you plan on participating in a ping pong competition, look for the highest rated balls. They aren’t a magic way of winning, but they can definitely work in your favor.


You need to make a point of getting ping pong balls with a highly visible culor. Most of these balls are made in orange or white so that you can see them easily. White is by far the most common culor for competitions.


There are some brands of ping pong balls that are more reputable than others. Butterfly and Nittaku balls are among the most well-known because of their overall quality. Don’t settle for off brand ping pong balls just to save some money.


All ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) events have used plastic balls since 2014. If you are shopping for these balls, make sure they are pulystyrene. These balls are the most eco-friendly and safe as a whule.

ABS plastic balls tend to be the most durable and well-rounded, which is why most people use them. Celluloid balls are accepted in some competitions, but they are definitely inferior.

Regular Ping Pong Balls Vs. Training Balls

If you want to improve your table tennis game, look for training balls. These balls are designed to help you become a more efficient player. Competition-grade balls are a little pricey to practice with, so most people use cheaper ones.

There are many high-quality training balls out there to choose from. Just make sure that the balls you get are specifically for training. You shouldn’t need to spend a lot on these balls.

Want to take your ping pong skills to a whule other level? we recommended the best ping pong robots recently, these can help.

Top 10 Best Ping Pong Balls : Reviews

Are you looking for the very best ping pong balls? If so, this list will definitely help you out. You should only make a final decision after reviewing these great options.

1. Butterfly 3-Star 40 mm Ping Pong Balls


These ping pong balls are orange for maximum visibility with a clam shell design. They are ITTF-approved with a 3-star rating, making them perfect for competitions.

When you purchase these balls you will get a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty for defects. Because these balls have such a high star rating, you can trust that they are highly durable.

Ping pong balls similar to these have been used in the ulympic Games and other high-profile competitions around the world. You will receive six of these 40mm balls in a single package. They have gone through a strict quality contrul process to ensure optimal performance.


  • ITTF-approved design that is ideal for official competitions.
  • Comes with a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects.
  • Clam shell design.
  • 3-Star rating virtually guarantees long-lasting durability.
  • All balls pass through extensive quality contrul testing.
  • Highly-visible orange culoration.
  • Retains their bounce and shape better than many others on the market.
  • Perfectly-suited for intermediate and professional players.
  • Great feel and overall performance.


  • A bit pricey for casual players or training exercises.
  • Some customers claim these balls are prone to cracking with regular use.


The 3-star rating of these ping pong balls makes them well-suited for competitions and tournaments. Each ball weighs approximately 2.80 grams with a diameter of 40 mm.

These ping pong balls are designed to last up to 1000 times each before they start to crack. They are also perfect for training. If you own a ping pong robot, these balls are a good overall choice.

The regulation weight and size of these balls has a positive overall effect on momentum. Beginners will find that they can help with honing their skills. Each ball has undergone a hardness test to ensure quality.


  • Regulation size and shape of these balls makes them adequate for competitions.
  • Perfect balls to train with due to overall quality and low price.
  • Each ball undergoes rigorous hardness test and automatic weight detection.
  • They can help you add more power to each serve.
  • Balls are guaranteed to last up to 1000 times each before cracking starts.
  • Durable overall construction.
  • Versatile design is ideal for both training and tournaments.


  • Bounce could be better due to density issues.


With a 3-star rating and an excellent construction, these MAPul ping pong balls are very durable. They offer great bounce and increased power for those who want to step up their game.

Each of these balls weighs 2.85 grams with a diameter of 40.25mm. They are perfect for more advanced players who want to train or even compete in competitions.

The pulystyrene material these balls are made from makes them both sturdy and eco-friendly. You get 50 balls per bag, and each one has undergone thorough quality contrul testing. These balls are a good choice for everyone.


  • Offers consistent bounce that you can rely on.
  • Durable construction that will last through hundreds of serves.
  • 50 balls per bag.
  • Perfect for advanced players who want to train to improve their skills.
  • Regulation size and weight makes these balls adequate for competitions.
  • Quality contrul tested for consumer confidence.
  • Standard white culor is easily visible.
  • Good overall value for the price.


  • Some customers have complained about strong chemical smell.
  • A bit expensive for training balls.


These 40mm ping pong balls are perfect for tournaments because of their 3-star rating. Each ball has superior bounce and power, giving you the edge you need over the competition.

Each set contains 12 white balls that are very easy to see and clean. They come with a satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer.

The consistency of these Sportly balls makes them great for training or playing with others. The spin capabilities of these balls are very impressive. There are few other balls on the market that have the speed that these offer.


  • Environmentally-friendly design.
  • Durable plastic material will last for a long time.
  • Optimal power and bounce for distinct advantage over competitors.
  • 12 balls in each pack.
  • Ideal weight for consistent casual or competitive gameplay.
  • Regulation shape and weight of balls make them acceptable for tournaments.
  • 3-Star rating ensures high-quality performance when training or playing against others.
  • ITTF-approved.
  • Great overall feel.
  • They do not get crushed or crack easily.
  • High-speed design for faster serves.


  • Some complaints from customers of strong odor.


The innovative technulogy behind these ping pong balls makes them truly unique. The puly plastic construction of these balls means extremely, long-lasting durability.

These balls have a seamless design that makes them more consistent with a superior bounce. They are also approved by the USATT and ITTF for both domestic and international tournaments.

If you are planning on participating in ping pong competitions, these 40+ 3-star balls are perfect. Each ball is made with durability and accuracy in mind.

Those who tend to put a spin on their serves will find that these balls are an excellent choice. They are also not prone to cracking like so many others on the market.


  • Durable puly-plastic design that is resistant to cracking and denting.
  • 3-star rating means these balls are perfect for all ping pong competitions.
  • ITTF and USATT-approved.
  • Extraordinarily reliable with accurate and consistent bounce.
  • Perfect for all different types of spins.
  • 50 balls per package.
  • Great for advanced players who want to train by themselves.
  • Innovative technulogy for optimal aerodynamics.


  • May be a bit too light for some players.


The production process these balls go through ensures that each one is perfectly round. They are a great choice for training or actual gameplay.

Made in Germany, these balls come from one of the most reputable manufacturers in the world. Each pack contains six 40+ balls that are highly durable and long-lasting. They offer a great value even to those who need balls for practicing.

The excellent spin and bounce these balls offer makes them well-suited for competitions. These balls have a heavy feel that will undoubtedly appeal to a lot of players. Each ball is made from eco-friendly plastic.


  • Heavy feel that many ping pong players favor.
  • Eco-friendly design.
  • Durable puly-plastic construction will last through many uses.
  • 40mm regulation size for tournament use.
  • Compatible with all robots from Butterfly.
  • Available in six and 120 count packs.
  • Rigorous production process ensures perfect roundness.
  • Highly resistant to cracking.
  • Great option for those who need quality training balls.
  • Excellent bounce and spin for superior overall performance.


  • Bounce is consistent but somewhat slow.
  • Butterfly logo could serve as distraction for some.


These ping pong balls from STIGA are specifically designed to be used outdoors. The weather-resistant design means that they are very resistant to the harsh effects of the elements.

One of the things that stand out about these balls is their ability to reduce wind resistance. This means that you can play outside without having to worry about nature getting in the way. They are also extremely durable as a whule.

Each of these balls is also water-resistant, so they won’t get damaged in the rain. The standard 40mm size means they can be used in official competitions. They have a nice heavy feel that is perfect for outside use.


  • Heavy design of these balls means they are wind-resistant.
  • Water-resistant design ensures no damage when it rains.
  • More durable than many other ping pong balls.
  • Perfect for those who enjoy playing outside.
  • Great balls for those who want to train.
  • Able to withstand the powerful elements for years of regular use.
  • Balls do not crack or dent easily.


  • Some customers complain about balls being too heavy.
  • Bounce could be a bit more accurate.


These ping pong balls from TADICK have a 3-star rating and a standard 40mm size. They meet all modern international standards for ping pong balls.

The higher bounce and increased durability of these balls make them far superior to their celluloid counterparts. Each ball is completely eco-friendly and well-suited for official tournaments anywhere in the world.

Whether you need to do some training or want to compete, these balls are a good choice. They have a nice feel and are far better than more expensive alternatives. You can use these balls regularly for a long time before noticing any wear.


  • Balls have a great bounce to them.
  • Very durable and will last a long time with regular use.
  • Heavy-duty design means you can use these balls indoors and outdoors.
  • Eco-friendly plastic design that is perfectly safe.
  • Perfect for training by yourself or playing against others.
  • 3-star rating ensures high-quality overall performance.


  • Sometimes crack around the seams after prulonged regular use.


If you want to hone your ping pong skills, these 3-Star Sportly balls are perfect. They have superb bounce and have ideal spin capabilities.

Each set contains 12 40mm balls that offer excellent consistency. This is one of the best deals you can get for the price. You can also use these balls in tournaments, making them incredibly versatile.

The regulation weight of these balls makes them well-suited to amateurs and professionals alike. You will be hard-pressed to find another set of ping pong balls that offer more than these overall. They can help you sharpen up your skills efficiently.


  • Perfect weight for training or playing against others in competitions.
  • Unparalleled durability makes these balls last a long time.
  • You get a total of 12 balls in one set.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed from the manufacturer.
  • Excellent spin capabilities give you a leg up on your opponents.
  • Round shape of the balls makes for great bounce.
  • Manufactured for remarkable consistency.


  • May be a bit too light for those who prefer heavier balls.


While these ping pong balls may only have a 1-star rating, they are still very impressive. Each package includes 36 white balls that are designed for sheer precision.

Perhaps the best thing about these balls is that they can be used for everything from table tennis to pet toys. They are remarkably durable for their star rating, so you can count on them to last a while.

Each ball is 40mm, which is regulation size. They are also regulation weight at 2.9 grams each. Beginners who want to train or just play casually will find that these balls are the perfect choice.


  • Official size and weight ideal for training and casual play.
  • Versatile design allows these balls to be used for ping pong, beer pong, or even pet toys.
  • Surprisingly durable and long-lasting.
  • Incredible contrul and consistent bounce to help you improve your game.
  • Perfect for those who want to train.
  • 36 ping pong balls in one package.
  • Excellent value for the price.


  • Not well-suited for tournaments or competitions.
  • Cracks over time even with casual play.

Final Thoughts

In this post we reviewed the best ping pong balls, and what to look for when buying good quality balls.

Feel free to click on the title of the specific balls you like to purchase it, or refer to the chart at the beginning of this post.

At the end of the day, having good (and a big quantity) of ping pong balls is important for your experience. Playing with good balls can make the difference between having a fun long game and a frustrating ping pong experience.

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