The Best Portable Pool Table: Which One Stands Out the Most?

The Best Portable Pool Table: Which One Stands Out the Most?

Are you a diehard pool lover that does not have enough space in the house for a full-sized billiard table?

Do you want to maintain your love for billiards even if you are always on the move?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, you might want to consider some of the portable pool tables we will discuss.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks:



Fat Cat Original 3-in-1, 7-Foot Pockey Game Table - Best Overall

Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table (6 Feet) - Best Value

Hey! Play! Mini Tabletop Pool Set- Best Budget Pick

GLD Products Fat Cat Trueshot 6-Foot Pool Table

Hathaway Maverick 7-Foot Multi Game (Pool and Table Tennis)

Hathaway Spartan 6' Pool Table

Costzon 47' Folding Billiard Table

The 7 Best Portable Pool Tables

1. Fat Cat Original 3-in-1, 7-Foot Pockey Game Table – Best Overall


Do you want to give yourself your best all-around playing experience? Well, FEAST your eyes on the Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 Game Table.

You heard that right! The product does not only limit itself to billiards. It also offers table tennis and air hockey, two FAN FAVORITES among kids and sports enthusiasts.

Why go to the arcade when you have all these fun games at your disposal?

Worried about changing the games? A tri-fold tabletop technology allows you to flip the tables in an instant. All you have to do is unlock the latches, and you should be good to go.

Quality is another strong suit of the pool table thanks to its strong and compact blue felt, which gives you a feel of what the original pool table looks like. [R]

Of course, these boards come with essential accessories such as:

  • 4 pushers and pucks (required for air hockey)
  • 2 pieces of chalk
  • 1 resin triangle
  • 2 cue sticks
  • 1 billiard brush
  • 1 set of billiard balls (cue ball included)
  • 2 table tennis paddles and balls
  • 1 net with post net

Indeed, Fat Cat gives you the whole package with its 3-in-1 set, making it a worthy choice of the best overall portable pool table.


  • Offers multiple sports (Pool, Air Hockey, and Table Tennis)
  • User-friendly tri-fold tabletop technology
  • Strong blue felt
  • 7-foot size lets you play anywhere


  • 286-pound item weight may be too heavy for some
  • Hefty price tag

2. Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table (6 Feet) – Best Value


If you want to go for a portable pool table that is slightly cheaper but still delivers excellent value for money, you must try out the Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table.

First off, the folding pool table has a ONE-UP over other pool tables in the storage category. The inclusion of folding legs lets you keep your table in your storage room if you’re not using it.

Once it’s time to play, you won’t have to worry about the assembly process because there’s no assembly needed! NONE. AT. ALL.

Just unfold the table and let the games begin!

The fun doesn’t stop there. The 6-foot size makes the pool table suitable for kids and adults.

The former will have an easy time learning the basics, while the latter gets to enjoy its minimalist and high-quality design.

Like most professional billiard tables, you get the required items. These include:

  • 2 pieces of chalk
  • 2 pool cues (48 inches)
  • Table brush
  • Racking triangle
  • leg levelers (1.5-inch size)
  • Standard billiard balls (2.25-inch size)

“What if it gets damaged?”

There’s no reason to panic! The Hathaway Fairmont is backed with a 180-day warranty covering replacement parts, repairs, and even a brand new table if needed.


  • Easy-to-fold leg system
  • Compact and ergonomic 6-foot size
  • Leg levelers even out the playing field
  • Complete set of accessories and materials
  • Excellent customer service


  • None we could find

3. Hey! Play! Mini Tabletop Pool Set- Best Budget Pick


Believe it or not, the Mini Tabletop Pool Set from Hey! Play! is a portable pool table specifically tailor-made for kids. It’s no secret that the 2-figure priced pool table is the best budget option on the list.

Even though it is a miniature version of the regulation table, its materials resemble the real thing. Do you want to know why?

Hey! Play! uses the same wood and green felt found on bigger pool tables.

Moreover, the triangle rack, pool balls, and ball return system are directly proportional to the small pool table so that the kids will receive that same professional experience.

The mini pool table is a HUGE WIN for those who don’t have room for bigger portable pool tables. Its 12.25” (W) x 20.25” (L) x 3.5” (H) dimensions can fit most standard tables and desks.

You can even bring it with you while traveling if you need to find activities you can do in the hotel or Airbnb.

The table brush ensures that dust particles aren’t surrounding the playing surface. [R] Those who are highly allergic may want to take advantage of this extra accessory.

All that’s left to do? Why not Hey! Play!


  • Easy-to-use materials (table brush, chalk, balls, etc.)
  • Lightweight size
  • High-quality felt material
  • No assembly needed
  • Requires little space
  • Affordable price point


  • It does not come with a folding leg system

4. GLD Products Fat Cat Trueshot 6-Foot Pool Table


GLD products holds its own with its Trueshot 6-foot pool table. If black is your favorite color, you may want to consider buying this.

It may not use the traditional green or blue felt material, but the application of MDF wood ensures that the pool table does not sacrifice quality and strength.

Indeed, you have yourself a playing surface that is durable and scratch-resistant.

One of its main assets is EASY PORTABILITY made possible by its 114-pound weight and foldable legs. Yes – ONLY!

It won’t require a village to move the folding pool table from one area to another.

Do you want to improve your skills with the pool cue?

GLD Products incorporates a Trueshot Aiming System, a set of dots (18 to be exact) surrounding the table to help you UPGRADE your aim game.

To cap it off, strong pockets store your balls after every hit. These nets have wide openings and are shock-resistant, so the chances of damage are minimal.


  • Lightweight composition
  • Foldable legs provide easy storage
  • Easy-to-use Trueshot Aiming System
  • High-quality MDF wood


  • It does not have a ball return system

5. Hathaway Maverick 7-Foot Multi Game (Pool and Table Tennis)


Let’s keep the ball rolling with another high-quality pool table from Hathaway.

For starters, the multi-game table offers billiards and table tennis settings. You won’t have to buy two separate tables because the Hathaway Maverick lets you play all your games in one.

The dimensions are also compatible with those with limited space at home. A 7-foot length, 46-inch width, and 31-inch height provide equal space for all four sides.

Say no more to hours of finding the perfect spot for your pool table!

Hathaway prides itself in quality construction with its chrome-plated corner caps. [R] These ensure that the table stays sealed and compact during the games.

A mixture of polyester and wool felt make up a smooth and well-rounded playing surface for your pool table. [R]

Uneven floors won’t be enough to spoil the fun because the Hathaway Maverick comes with additional leg levelers.

These adjust the height of all four legs, thus providing a balanced playing field for everyone.


  • Convenient 2-in-1 feature (Pool and Table Tennis)
  • Unbreakable chrome-plated corner caps
  • Proportional dimensions for the average room size
  • High-quality playing surface (polyester and wool felt)
  • Adjustable levelers for the pool table legs


  • The legs are not foldable

6. Hathaway Spartan 6′ Pool Table


Another 2-in-1 option that keeps up with the best portable pool tables is the Hathaway Spartan. Here are some reasons why this is the case.

  • Like the Hathaway Maverick, the Spartan pool table comes with a table tennis top and accessories (balls, net, and paddles included).
  • The installation process itself is easy because you only have to place the table tennis top above the pool frame, and you’re ready to get that ping-pong action started.
  • Both the multiple options and 6-foot frame will have your kids engaged with different sporting activities to try out during their summer break.

Standing at 100 pounds, bringing it to the house’s play space WON’T BE A HASSLE!

The Spartan pool table also provides you with everything you need, such as a table brush, cue sticks, a complete set of balls, and a racking triangle to organize the balls.


  • Complete set of accessories for both sports
  • Easy assembly process for the table tennis top
  • Ergonomic size for rooms with limited space
  • Lightweight size


  • Legs are not foldable

7. Costzon 47′ Folding Billiard Table


Costzon may be an underrated brand compared to its counterparts, but its folding pool table is still capable of giving you and your kids a fun time.

Quality materials make up most of the accessories. The balls are made out of resin, the cue stick uses whitewood, and the playing surface uses an MDF board.

Still not convinced yet? Four adjustable pads help your legs adapt to uneven ground.

Is limited space a cause for concern? Balanced dimensions (47’’ x 26’’ x 29’’) and foldable legs save a lot of space during and after the games.

Costzon emphasizes the NEED FOR FAMILY INTERACTION, so they included 2 cue sticks so that you can teach your child how to play the game properly.

The best part is you don’t need to assemble it anymore because the pool table will come to you fully assembled.


  • All accessories are present (triangle rack, table brush, cues, and balls)
  • Foldable legs save space
  • Lightweight size
  • No assembly needed
  • High-quality MDF playing surface


  • None we could find

What Are the Different Parts of a Portable Pool Table?

When it comes to playing any sport, it helps to learn about the environment. In basketball, familiarizing yourself with the court will lead you to a lot of buckets and highlights.

In the case of football, studying the field will garner you unforgettable touchdowns and field goals.

THE SAME GOES for the game of billiards.

It may be more complex than more popular sports, but dedicating time to knowing the pool table’s anatomy will bring you one step closer to WINNING the games.

Don’t worry because you won’t have to learn the table pool parts alone. We’ve got you covered with the different parts of the portable pool table. Let’s go over them one by one.

  • Head Rail– The cue ball is placed here at the start of the games.
  • Foot Rail – All the billiard balls are assembled here for breaking purposes.
  • Cushions – They make up the outer perimeter of the pool’s playing surface.
  • Rails – A cloth that protects the cushions.
  • Bed Cloth/Pool Table Felt– In charge of covering the playing surface.
  • Bed – The actual playing surface; most beds are made up of slate.
  • Cabinet End/Side – Supports the slate’s topmost part and is referred to as the “body” of the pool table.
  • Blinds – These are located at the side of the top rail.
  • Legs – Raises the pool table and provides support for the cabinet
  • Leg Levelers – Evens the playing field by leveling the table
  • Drop Pockets – The balls fall here. These are usually made up of leather material.

The best portable pool tables may not have every single part most professional pools possess, BUT these have the essential parts needed for all billiards games.

Indeed, each portable pool table simulates the game-like atmosphere, so you will get the same experience most professional billiards players get.

Why Should You Choose a Portable Pool Table?

Indeed, there are so many advantages a folding pool table possesses over its regular-sized counterpart.

If you are still not convinced even after browsing through our product reviews, we highly suggest going over each benefit to know what you are getting.


One major advantage the portable pool table offers is its superior lightweight abilities. This feature allows you to move the foldable table around the house until you find the perfect spot.

Most portable tables also have folding legs, which is a huge plus for assembly and storage purposes.

You won’t have to worry about bulky billiard tables getting in the way of your living room once the games have concluded.


We’re sure you wouldn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on one pool table. Fortunately, most portable pool tables won’t require using up your entire savings account.

The manufacturers of such billiards tables emphasize the importance of making their products CHEAP and COST-EFFICIENT.

Unlike the more expensive standard pool tables, the portable alternative still gives you a top-tier pool experience for a fraction of the price.

Portable Pool Table Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Consider

Table Size

First and foremost, you need to determine the perfect table size for your portable pool table. Who enjoys the lack of space when playing a game of pool, right?

When in doubt, you should go for a billiard table that allocates at least 4-5 feet of extra space on EACH SIDE.

  • On the one hand, bigger pool tables simulate the professional game-like atmosphere full-sized billiard tables offer.
  • On the other hand, smaller tables have an easier assembly process and can fit most room sizes. These models also save space and provide easy folding for storage purposes.


One other important factor to consider when looking for a portable pool table is how much you are willing to spend.

Most portable pool tables have an average cost of $200-$500. Some of the more high-end tables that offer extra accessories can go for a lot more than that.

If you’re running on a tight budget, there’s no reason to be discouraged because the cheaper pool tables only cost $70-$100.

In fact, our best budget pick has a price tag of roughly $17.

The bottom line is that there are pool tables for every budget, so no one should feel left out.


Now that we’re done talking about price, let’s hop on the materials.

Even though we are only discussing portable pool tables, you have to make sure their build quality match or come close to the standard pool tables.

Playing Surface

Most professional billiard players will tell you that SLATE is the best playing surface among all the rest. Unfortunately, pool tables made out of slate will cost you thousands of dollars.

Thankfully, most portable pool tables use MDF (medium-density fiberboard), a cheaper option.

Some commercial sites and buildings include MDF because of its strength and water-resistant qualities, so it is safe to say your portable billiard will be in good hands. [R]

Playing Bed

You also want to take a look at the materials used for the pool’s playing bed.

Most non-professional pool tables use wool cloth.

But if you want a FASTER BALL ROLL, you may want to go for a pool table that utilizes worsted wool. [R]

Before placing the balls on the table, make sure to check the cloth to see whether if all sides are laid out evenly. The last thing you want is your pool balls to fall off the table due to uneven covering by the cloth.

Keep an eye on the bumpers and cushions too, because they are in charge of giving your billiard balls a steady bounce.

Leg Levelers

The first two materials won’t be put to good use if you cannot level your pool table.

Even if most tables possess foldable legs, they may not be enough to keep your table straight and balanced.

However, there’s no need to fear because leg levelers are here to save the day. They ensure to give the pool table a uniform playing field no matter how uneven the floor may be.

We highly recommend you buy portable pool tables that already come with leg levelers.

It may cost you a little extra, but you will realize that it’s a worthy investment when you start enjoying the games without any difficulties.

Health and Safety

We cannot let you buy any of these portable pool tables without emphasizing the importance of prioritizing health and safety.

The thing with billiards is some of the items and accessories can be hazardous to kids and even some adults.

Let’s take cue chalks, for example.

We believe that using chalk is a great way to teach kids and beginners the fundamentals of playing billiard games.

However, if there is no supervision from a parent or guardian, let’s just say that chalk may affect the kids’ health. [R]

Some pool cues are sharper than others, so being clumsy while handling the cue is a huge no-no. You would not want to poke yourself on the eye or other parts of your body.

We’re not here to scare you, but we want to raise health awareness so that there won’t be any casualties in the middle of your games.

Fun Playing Experience

Last but not least, have fun! All these reminders won’t mean anything if you do not enjoy your playing experience.

It is also important to note you don’t need to be an expert to fully enjoy your games at the pool table. Of course, being knowledgeable about the game of billiards gives you an upper edge over your beginner friends.

However, be sure to avoid starting a feud over a game of billiards. We want you and your friends to have a fun time playing at the portable pool table.

Besides the friendly banter and competition, playing a game of pool helps you take a break from your mobile device and busy schedule.

Indeed, doing recreational activities like billiards serves as a great way to unwind after a long week at work. [R]

What Questions Should You Answer Before Buying the Best Portable Pool Table?

Before we let you hop onto the store to begin searching for the best portable pool table option for your home, please keep in mind the following questions.

Browsing through many portable pool tables may give you a confusing time looking for the right one.

Your ability to provide reasons and answers to each question serves as a useful tool to narrow down your choices.

Who Are Your Intended Players?

Make a list of potential candidates that will be playing billiards: Are they kids? Grown-ups? Beginners? Experts? Aspiring billiard athletes?

Determining your target audience will help you choose a portable pool table that best suits your family and friends.

Are you and your acquaintances also interested in other sports like table tennis and air hockey?

If that’s the case, you should buy portable pool tables that offer multiple games. This will diversify your knowledge of other sports and provide your guests multiple options besides billiards.

Will You Be Playing Often?

You need to keep in mind that the average folding pool table will fall in the hundreds range.

If you are the type that wants to channel your inner “Mamba Mentality”(R.I.P. Kobe Bryant) by practicing the sport every single day, then going for the high-end portable pool tables is a worthy investment. [R]

However, if you plan to use it sparingly, we recommend you go for the cheaper tables.

Of course, if you have the money for the expensive models, go ahead and purchase them by all means.

Do You Want to Use Your Portable Pool Table for Decorative Purposes?

Just like the Christmas tree, the pool table can serve as a decoration for your household.

If you are conscious about making the living room stylish and presentable, you will have to take the pool design more seriously.

You cannot settle for any other folding pool table. It has to resemble the vintage billiard table in terms of overall craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

Elements like a functional ball return system, fully-colored billiard balls, original felt, and high-performance wood should do the trick.

Is Warranty Offered In Case My Pool Gets Damaged?

Warranty tends to be one of the most overlooked factors when buying a portable pool table. As a responsible buyer, you need to pay close attention to the warranty service. [R]

It will be your savior when catastrophe strikes on the pool table.

Most brands take pride in excellent customer service, and the portable pool table industry should be no different.

We’re certain you wouldn’t want to spend a huge chunk of money just to replace your damaged pool table with a brand new one.

The best way to avoid this is by checking the warranty terms and conditions to see whether your pool table can receive proper maintenance.


Billiards is a fun sport, and there are so many quality portable pool tables to choose from.

However, you need to make sure to find the best portable pool table that suits your personal needs and brings you closer to your goal of nonstop fun for family and friends.

We may have listed some of the best portable pool tables, but the choice is still yours to make.

Take into account the space, budget, and overall interest in the sport. These will help you determine which one stands out the most.

Happy shopping and have fun!