5 Best Pool Tables For The Price : Ultimate Buyers Guide

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The Best Pool Tables of 2021 And How to Pick One

Pool is one of the best table games ever made, we absolutely love it. In case you’re looking to buy a pool table, we thought it would be useful to give you some tips and guidelines.

That way, you’ll buy the best pool table for the money, and more important, for your specific needs and wants.

Pool is getting more and more popular over the years, if you want to read more about the rules of pool, read this article from wikipedia.

In this post we will cover – 

  1. What to look for when buying a pool table?
  2. What are the dimensions, size and weight of a standard pool table?
  3. What are the 5 best pool tables for your money?


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Lets dive right into it.


What You Should Look At When Buying a Pool Table?

When buying a pool table, there are a few factors you want to look at.

First, it really depends on where you’re planning to place your pool table.

If its a pool table for home use, you probably want a higher quality than if you’re buying a pool table for a bar.

Unless of course, you own a high-end bar where people actually care and won’t burn your pool table with their cigars.

Either way, we always recommend a higher quality table and pay a little more rather than paying a few hundred bucks less and make a mistake.

Lets talk about what to look at when picking the best pool table.

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1. The Quality is CRUCIAL

Do NOT buy a low quality pool table, just don’t. You’ll end up with a table that brakes down fast, and the pockets will probably rip and won’t hold the balls.

You want a well made, sturdy pool table. A good tip is to buy a pool table that is built with hardwood. These tables will be heavier, look fantastic, and are safer to play on (they won’t fall).

The pool tables pockets should be well made preferably trimmed with leather, that way the wont get torn easily from the impact of the balls falling down.

AVOID plastic pockets, they break easily and are generally terrible.

The surface of the pool table (the “play area”) should be made of worsted wool. The cheaper tables are made with a blend of wool-nylon that is a little thicker (usually bar tables).


2. The Price is Important, But Don’t Look For The Cheapest

Of course, you want it to be affordable, but not too cheap, remember, cheaper isn’t necessarily better as you’ll get a lower quality table.

For us (and probably for you too) value exceeds price. You would rather pay more and get more than pay less and get a table that won’t last you more than a few months.


3. The Brand and Warranty

Buy a table from a well known brand that will stand behind their product. That will guarantee you a solid warranty in case anything happens, and can possibly save you money and stress!

Confused? no worries! we actually picked the best 5 pool tables for you so you won’t have to go through the headache, find them by scrolling down this article.


What Are The Dimensions, Size and Weight of a Standard Pool Table? 

Before we talk about the best pool tables we thought it’ll be important to briefly go over the dimensions, size and weight of a pool table, so you’ll prepare the right space for it.

The standard pool table comes is anywhere from 7-9 foot long.

The weight of a standard pool table is anywhere from 650-900 pounds.

We thought it’d would be useful to post the table below for easier planning of space depending on the pool tables’ dimensions, so refer to it.


pool table


Now that we got that out of the way, lets reveal our top choices for pool tables.


What Are The Best 5 Pool Tables for Your Money?

These are our favorite pool tables, to make it easier on you, we will briefly review them and give you a link you can buy them from (you can thank us late, haha ).


1.BARRINGTON Billiard Table

billiard review


This one is a fantastic table by the well known Barrington brand. Leather pockets, well built and just an eye-candy. This table will last you for a long time and its absolutely recommended.

To order and get more information on it, click the button below.



2.EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Table

Another great table is the one by eastpoint. Well made, looks stunning and very smooth. We absolutely love the wooden legs, this one is sturdy and recommended. Its 87 inches and looks very luxurious. Its also very affordable which is important.

east point table

To order and get more information on it, click the button below.

billiard table



3.Harvil 8-Foot Slate Pool Table


harvey pool table


This is probably one of the best pool tables on the list. The reason we ranked it 3rd, is just because its a little pricey and not everyone can afford it (around 2K) however, if you have the extra money definitely get it.

Its absolutely stunning, sturdy, well made, and so fun to play on (we did!).

To order and get more information on it, click the button below.

harvil pool table review


4.Brunswick 8-Foot Glen Oaks Pool Table 

This beautifully designed pool table by Brunswick is an absolute stunner. Besides the great design, its very fun to play on, its big enough, and very well made.

A table thats built to last and won’t be an eye-sore in the middle of the room, we highly recommend it for home use or high-end pubs.

brunswick pool table review

To order and get more information on it, click the button below.

brunswick table pool review


5.Hathaway Fairmont Foldable Pool Table


foldable pool table review


This is a very cute foldable pool table, we thought it deserves to be on the list for those who are looking for a foldable pool table and don’t have the extra place.

The good thing is you can also place it outside and play wherever you want. That being said, of course its  not on the same level of quality of the pool tables we picked above.

Also a great choice if you’re buying a pool table for kids.

To order and get more information on it, click the button below.

foldable pool tables


The Bottom Line

We hope this post helped you pick the best pool table, and please make sure to let us know if you have any questions or need help!

Pool is a fantastic game and buying a table is a great idea, its also a beautiful piece of furniture and adds character to the room.

Remember : make sure you have the right space for the pool table. The last thing you want to do is order a pool table that is too small or too big for your space.

Also, define the purpose you want the pool table / billiard table for, are you going to play often or just once in a while ? is it more of a furniture piece or for kids to play (and ruin)?

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