Foosball Table Sizes, Dimensions, Weight And All You Need to Know!

Foosball Table Size, Dimensions and Weight and Height: The Ultimate Guide

The average dimensions of a foosball table are 56(L) x 28.75(W) x 34.5(H) inches.The tableweighs about 360 pounds.

This is the ‘standard’ size of a regulation foosball table.

However, there are 3 common table sizes, which we will talk about later in this post.

In this post we cover:

  1. How to measure your gaming room before deciding on a foosball table
  2. The common sizes & dimensions of foosball tables
  3. How to prepare your room for the ultimate foosball experience
  4. The bottom line

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Before buying a foosball table, you need to know the size of your gaming room.

The best way to measure your rooms size will be with a measure tape of course, you want to get the width and length of the room, and don’t forgot to measure how tall the ceiling is.

The reason you need to get the ceiling height by the way, is in case you will have some tall friends over. You generally want the gaming room to be spacious and fun to play in.

In terms of the rooms flooring – make sure its not a gentle ceramic tile type flooring, from our experience, the table might chip and scratch the floor when you bring it in.

Another smart thing to do will be to plan how are you going to get the table to the room, if you have a wide door you’re fine, otherwise you might want to get professional movers that will help you out.

Remember, a standard foosball table can weigh 360-370 pounds, its heavy and you won’t be able to lift it yourself.

later in this post, we will give you some cool tips on how to create a better foosball gaming room.

But now, lets go over the foosball table size and dimensions.


Make sure you check the dimensions of the specific foosball table you have bought, as they come in different sizes.

The three most common foosball tables sizes are :

  • 56” Foosball tables (56 inches long)
  • 52” Foosball tables (52 inches long)
  • 48” Foosball tables (48 inches long)

There are even smaller foosball tables that come at 40 inches in length, they are great for small children but not recommended for adults.

The regulation size foosball table is the 56 inches one, but unless you’re a pro, it shouldn’t really matter.

As a rule of thumb, the longer the table is, the more expensive it is, so keep your budget in mind.


Other than measuring the room, you want to get a few things ready before you bring in your new foosball table.

First, clean the room and make sure theres nothing in the way.

Then, you want to look for objects that might interrupt the foosball game, and get rid of them. You dont want the foosball players to trip over random objects thrown around the room.

Remember to leave some extra space for the people that will walk in and out of the room and play the foosball table.

Another smart thing to do is to keep some drinks & snacks in the room, for a better gaming experience.

You also want to print the rules of foosball and have them in the foosball room, sounds funny, but it might help new players understand the game better.

You can even get yourself a good audio system with speakers so you’ll have music playing in the background. These small things make the foosball game so much more fun!


There are other factors you should consider when picking out a foosball table size, other than the size of your room.

If you’re buying a foosball table for your kids, you want to stick to the smaller ones, maybe even the 40” foosball tables.

That will make sure they can actually reach the handles, and the smaller foosball tables are also slightly cheaper, so your heart won’t break when your table will. haha.

For adults and teens, we highly recommend to spend a little more and buy the 56” standard size foosball table.

It will provide a better foosball gaming experience and you’ll enjoy it so much you will forget about the price pretty quick.

If you’re buying a foosball table for your bar / office, we would also recommend the 56” one, but make sure you’re buying a sturdy one that will last.

Especially in bars / pubs, people tend to not really care about your table and it will get ruined fast if you buy a cheaply made one.

Generally, the 52” seems redundant to us, unless your room is too small for the 56” table. In that case, it will make sense. Otherwise, just invest a few more bucks and get the standard size one.

Remember, the bigger the table, the more playing surface you will have, the ‘harder’ it will be to score and the longer the foosball games will last.

A bigger foosball table will also require better foosball skills, of course.

Whichever size you choose, remember to make sure the table is built with quality materials unless you’re planning to buy a new table every few months.

Now that we got that covered, lets wrap this up with the bottom line.

foosball tables


We hope this post helped you pick the right foosball table size.

We went over the dimensions of foosball tables, and even gave you some awesome tips on how to prepare and measure the size of the gaming room.

By now, you should be able to understand which foosball table will fit your room and gaming needs.

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