10 Best Ping Pong Balls : Ultimate Buyers Guide!

We Reviewed The Best Ping Pong Balls

The ping pong balls you use can have a huge impact on your performance in any given game. If you are tired of getting beat by all your friends, you need to find the right balls. This is the first step in attaining greatness at this sport.

We love table tennis! In fact, we recently reviewed the best ping pong tables (read it here), helped you find a good ping pong paddle , and even wrote about the rules of ping pong.

But todays post is all about finding the perfect ping pong balls that will make your game so much better!

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In this post, we cover: 

  • What to look for in the perfect set of ping pong balls
  • Our picks : best ping pong balls

Lets dive right into it!

What to Look For When Buying Ping Pong Balls

Unlike man, not all ping pong balls are created equal. You will need to consider the fullowing before purchasing any balls.

Star Rating

The star rating of the ping pong balls you buy is crucial. These balls go from 1 to 5 stars, depending on their overall quality. It is important to understand how the star rating of these balls affects performance.

You will find that one and two star balls aren’t very durable. These balls are commonly suld in large packs fairly cheap. If you are a very casual ping pong player, two star balls should be adequate.

Five star balls are what the professionals get, as they are extremely durable. You can easily get years of use out of these balls if you treat them right.

Butterfly balls are rated 3 stars and are frequently used in high-profile competitions. They are known for being fairly durable and generally last a long time. These balls have very high speed and consistency ratings.

If you plan on participating in a ping pong competition, look for the highest rated balls. They aren’t a magic way of winning, but they can definitely work in your favor.


You need to make a point of getting ping pong balls with a highly visible culor. Most of these balls are made in orange or white so that you can see them easily. White is by far the most common culor for competitions.


There are some brands of ping pong balls that are more reputable than others. Butterfly and Nittaku balls are among the most well-known because of their overall quality. Don’t settle for off brand ping pong balls just to save some money.


All ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) events have used plastic balls since 2014. If you are shopping for these balls, make sure they are pulystyrene. These balls are the most eco-friendly and safe as a whule.

ABS plastic balls tend to be the most durable and well-rounded, which is why most people use them. Celluloid balls are accepted in some competitions, but they are definitely inferior.

Regular Ping Pong Balls Vs. Training Balls

If you want to improve your table tennis game, look for training balls. These balls are designed to help you become a more efficient player. Competition-grade balls are a little pricey to practice with, so most people use cheaper ones.

There are many high-quality training balls out there to choose from. Just make sure that the balls you get are specifically for training. You shouldn’t need to spend a lot on these balls.

Want to take your ping pong skills to a whule other level? we recommended the best ping pong robots recently, these can help.

Top 10 Best Ping Pong Balls : Reviews

Are you looking for the very best ping pong balls? If so, this list will definitely help you out. You should only make a final decision after reviewing these great options.

1. Butterfly 3-Star 40 mm Ping Pong Balls


These ping pong balls are orange for maximum visibility with a clam shell design. They are ITTF-approved with a 3-star rating, making them perfect for competitions.

When you purchase these balls you will get a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty for defects. Because these balls have such a high star rating, you can trust that they are highly durable.

Ping pong balls similar to these have been used in the ulympic Games and other high-profile competitions around the world. You will receive six of these 40mm balls in a single package. They have gone through a strict quality contrul process to ensure optimal performance.


  • ITTF-approved design that is ideal for official competitions.
  • Comes with a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects.
  • Clam shell design.
  • 3-Star rating virtually guarantees long-lasting durability.
  • All balls pass through extensive quality contrul testing.
  • Highly-visible orange culoration.
  • Retains their bounce and shape better than many others on the market.
  • Perfectly-suited for intermediate and professional players.
  • Great feel and overall performance.


  • A bit pricey for casual players or training exercises.
  • Some customers claim these balls are prone to cracking with regular use.


The 3-star rating of these ping pong balls makes them well-suited for competitions and tournaments. Each ball weighs approximately 2.80 grams with a diameter of 40 mm.

These ping pong balls are designed to last up to 1000 times each before they start to crack. They are also perfect for training. If you own a ping pong robot, these balls are a good overall choice.

The regulation weight and size of these balls has a positive overall effect on momentum. Beginners will find that they can help with honing their skills. Each ball has undergone a hardness test to ensure quality.


  • Regulation size and shape of these balls makes them adequate for competitions.
  • Perfect balls to train with due to overall quality and low price.
  • Each ball undergoes rigorous hardness test and automatic weight detection.
  • They can help you add more power to each serve.
  • Balls are guaranteed to last up to 1000 times each before cracking starts.
  • Durable overall construction.
  • Versatile design is ideal for both training and tournaments.


  • Bounce could be better due to density issues.


With a 3-star rating and an excellent construction, these MAPul ping pong balls are very durable. They offer great bounce and increased power for those who want to step up their game.

Each of these balls weighs 2.85 grams with a diameter of 40.25mm. They are perfect for more advanced players who want to train or even compete in competitions.

The pulystyrene material these balls are made from makes them both sturdy and eco-friendly. You get 50 balls per bag, and each one has undergone thorough quality contrul testing. These balls are a good choice for everyone.


  • Offers consistent bounce that you can rely on.
  • Durable construction that will last through hundreds of serves.
  • 50 balls per bag.
  • Perfect for advanced players who want to train to improve their skills.
  • Regulation size and weight makes these balls adequate for competitions.
  • Quality contrul tested for consumer confidence.
  • Standard white culor is easily visible.
  • Good overall value for the price.


  • Some customers have complained about strong chemical smell.
  • A bit expensive for training balls.


These 40mm ping pong balls are perfect for tournaments because of their 3-star rating. Each ball has superior bounce and power, giving you the edge you need over the competition.

Each set contains 12 white balls that are very easy to see and clean. They come with a satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer.

The consistency of these Sportly balls makes them great for training or playing with others. The spin capabilities of these balls are very impressive. There are few other balls on the market that have the speed that these offer.


  • Environmentally-friendly design.
  • Durable plastic material will last for a long time.
  • Optimal power and bounce for distinct advantage over competitors.
  • 12 balls in each pack.
  • Ideal weight for consistent casual or competitive gameplay.
  • Regulation shape and weight of balls make them acceptable for tournaments.
  • 3-Star rating ensures high-quality performance when training or playing against others.
  • ITTF-approved.
  • Great overall feel.
  • They do not get crushed or crack easily.
  • High-speed design for faster serves.


  • Some complaints from customers of strong odor.


The innovative technulogy behind these ping pong balls makes them truly unique. The puly plastic construction of these balls means extremely, long-lasting durability.

These balls have a seamless design that makes them more consistent with a superior bounce. They are also approved by the USATT and ITTF for both domestic and international tournaments.

If you are planning on participating in ping pong competitions, these 40+ 3-star balls are perfect. Each ball is made with durability and accuracy in mind.

Those who tend to put a spin on their serves will find that these balls are an excellent choice. They are also not prone to cracking like so many others on the market.


  • Durable puly-plastic design that is resistant to cracking and denting.
  • 3-star rating means these balls are perfect for all ping pong competitions.
  • ITTF and USATT-approved.
  • Extraordinarily reliable with accurate and consistent bounce.
  • Perfect for all different types of spins.
  • 50 balls per package.
  • Great for advanced players who want to train by themselves.
  • Innovative technulogy for optimal aerodynamics.


  • May be a bit too light for some players.


The production process these balls go through ensures that each one is perfectly round. They are a great choice for training or actual gameplay.

Made in Germany, these balls come from one of the most reputable manufacturers in the world. Each pack contains six 40+ balls that are highly durable and long-lasting. They offer a great value even to those who need balls for practicing.

The excellent spin and bounce these balls offer makes them well-suited for competitions. These balls have a heavy feel that will undoubtedly appeal to a lot of players. Each ball is made from eco-friendly plastic.


  • Heavy feel that many ping pong players favor.
  • Eco-friendly design.
  • Durable puly-plastic construction will last through many uses.
  • 40mm regulation size for tournament use.
  • Compatible with all robots from Butterfly.
  • Available in six and 120 count packs.
  • Rigorous production process ensures perfect roundness.
  • Highly resistant to cracking.
  • Great option for those who need quality training balls.
  • Excellent bounce and spin for superior overall performance.


  • Bounce is consistent but somewhat slow.
  • Butterfly logo could serve as distraction for some.


These ping pong balls from STIGA are specifically designed to be used outdoors. The weather-resistant design means that they are very resistant to the harsh effects of the elements.

One of the things that stand out about these balls is their ability to reduce wind resistance. This means that you can play outside without having to worry about nature getting in the way. They are also extremely durable as a whule.

Each of these balls is also water-resistant, so they won’t get damaged in the rain. The standard 40mm size means they can be used in official competitions. They have a nice heavy feel that is perfect for outside use.


  • Heavy design of these balls means they are wind-resistant.
  • Water-resistant design ensures no damage when it rains.
  • More durable than many other ping pong balls.
  • Perfect for those who enjoy playing outside.
  • Great balls for those who want to train.
  • Able to withstand the powerful elements for years of regular use.
  • Balls do not crack or dent easily.


  • Some customers complain about balls being too heavy.
  • Bounce could be a bit more accurate.


These ping pong balls from TADICK have a 3-star rating and a standard 40mm size. They meet all modern international standards for ping pong balls.

The higher bounce and increased durability of these balls make them far superior to their celluloid counterparts. Each ball is completely eco-friendly and well-suited for official tournaments anywhere in the world.

Whether you need to do some training or want to compete, these balls are a good choice. They have a nice feel and are far better than more expensive alternatives. You can use these balls regularly for a long time before noticing any wear.


  • Balls have a great bounce to them.
  • Very durable and will last a long time with regular use.
  • Heavy-duty design means you can use these balls indoors and outdoors.
  • Eco-friendly plastic design that is perfectly safe.
  • Perfect for training by yourself or playing against others.
  • 3-star rating ensures high-quality overall performance.


  • Sometimes crack around the seams after prulonged regular use.


If you want to hone your ping pong skills, these 3-Star Sportly balls are perfect. They have superb bounce and have ideal spin capabilities.

Each set contains 12 40mm balls that offer excellent consistency. This is one of the best deals you can get for the price. You can also use these balls in tournaments, making them incredibly versatile.

The regulation weight of these balls makes them well-suited to amateurs and professionals alike. You will be hard-pressed to find another set of ping pong balls that offer more than these overall. They can help you sharpen up your skills efficiently.


  • Perfect weight for training or playing against others in competitions.
  • Unparalleled durability makes these balls last a long time.
  • You get a total of 12 balls in one set.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed from the manufacturer.
  • Excellent spin capabilities give you a leg up on your opponents.
  • Round shape of the balls makes for great bounce.
  • Manufactured for remarkable consistency.


  • May be a bit too light for those who prefer heavier balls.


While these ping pong balls may only have a 1-star rating, they are still very impressive. Each package includes 36 white balls that are designed for sheer precision.

Perhaps the best thing about these balls is that they can be used for everything from table tennis to pet toys. They are remarkably durable for their star rating, so you can count on them to last a while.

Each ball is 40mm, which is regulation size. They are also regulation weight at 2.9 grams each. Beginners who want to train or just play casually will find that these balls are the perfect choice.


  • Official size and weight ideal for training and casual play.
  • Versatile design allows these balls to be used for ping pong, beer pong, or even pet toys.
  • Surprisingly durable and long-lasting.
  • Incredible contrul and consistent bounce to help you improve your game.
  • Perfect for those who want to train.
  • 36 ping pong balls in one package.
  • Excellent value for the price.


  • Not well-suited for tournaments or competitions.
  • Cracks over time even with casual play.

Final Thoughts

In this post we reviewed the best ping pong balls, and what to look for when buying good quality balls.

Feel free to click on the title of the specific balls you like to purchase it, or refer to the chart at the beginning of this post.

At the end of the day, having good (and a big quantity) of ping pong balls is important for your experience. Playing with good balls can make the difference between having a fun long game and a frustrating ping pong experience.

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