10 Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables : Lets Take it Outside!

The 10 Best Table Tennis Tables: For The Outdoors

The only thing that is better than playing ping pong, is playing ping pong at sunset! Thats why we researched, rated and reviewed the 10 best ping pong tables for the outdoors.

If you’re in the market for a table, wether you’re an avid ping pong player or just a beginner, you will definitely want to read this before you buy an outdoor table.

Quick Tip: We recently reviewed the best ping pong tables for the indoors, and today we will focus solely on tables that are awesome for the outdoors.

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In This Post We Cover: 

1.What to look for when buying a ping-pong table for the outdoors?
2. What are the best 10 ping pong tables that are specifically designed for outdoor play!

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This chart is a quick summary of the reviews, for those of you who are in a hurry to buy a table and start playing.

However, we do recommend you read the thorough review of these tables below, especially if the one you’re prepared to buy.

That can save you a ton of money, energy, time, and frustration. So take 5 minutes to glance through it just so you’ll know you’re making a smart buying decision.

1.What to Look for in a Ping Pong Table for The Outdoors

Before we dive into the reviews, we wanted you to know what we looked at. There are some features that are critical when choosing a table for the outdoors, lets go over them.


First, you need to consider the space you have. The worst thing you can do is buy a ping pong table thats too big and placing it in a small space.

Doing that will ruin the entire experience, and you won’t be able to enjoy your game. We recommend that you grab a meter, measure the space you’re going to place the table at, and buy accordingly.

Don’t skip this step – it will save you a ton of money (and frustration).


When it comes to the price, you will have to consider your budget of course.

When trying to figure out the quality of the table you should buy (usually higher quality ping pong tables, will be a little more expensive) ask yourself these questions:

Are you buying the table for your own house?

How often are you going to play the table?

How important is the quality of the table to you?

Would you rather spend a little more and get a high quality table, or will a cheaper one be suffice as you will barely use it anyway?

Basically, the more you spend on a ping pong table, the higher quality it will be. So beware of your budget, but think about the questions above too.

ping pong outdoors


This is one of the most critical features of an outdoors ping pong table. You want the table to be built out of a strong material, like aluminum / stainless steel frame, and consider a weather-proof net.

That way, the rain and sun will have little effect on damaging the table. Also, we highly recommend you buy a high quality table cover like this one, just as an extra protection. Investing a few bucks in a ping-pong table cover, can save you hundreds on a new table.

You also want a table with an aluminum table-top, that is able to resist rust, water, and even sun-damage.

Quick Tip: if you need ping pong paddles, read our review by clicking here.

As you can see, there are many things to look at when buying the right outdoor ping pong table.

Luckily for you, we considered all of these features above when rating the best outdoor ping pong tables, so feel free to just pick one from the TOP PICKS below. (Just remember to make sure its the right fit for your outdoors-space! we don’t know how big your yard is..)

Also, if you have questions, comment below or contact us and we’ll be glad to help you out!

Now, lets get to the top picks for the best outdoor table tennis tables.

Our Top Picks: 10 Best Ping Pong Tables For Outdoors 

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Below you will find our thorough review of each table from our top 10 outdoor ping pong tables.

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Stiga is a well known brand in the ping pong world. They build exceptional ping pong tables, and their outdoors table is no different! Very sturdy, made with quality and built to last.

We also love the fact that it comes 95% pre-assembled, it will take you literally 60 seconds to set it up. The table measures at 108” L x 60” W x 30” H when at play position.


  • Has a built-in safety latch system
  • Made with All-weather proof Aluminum Top
  • Very Sturdy and fun to play on
  • Folds Easily


  • Due to the good price it offers, it doesn’t come with many accessories


This one is a heavy duty ping pong table. In fact, its only ranked #2 because its a little pricier than the Stiga one, but its worth the extra couple hundred dollars in our opinion.

Beautifully designed, it even comes with small ball storage pockets at the side of the table, for easy access and better ping-pong experience!

The Kettler ping pong table is also approved as a professional table by the International Table Tennis Federation , painted with water-proof paint, and made with aluminum surface and sturdy steel legs!


  • Approved by the ITTF!
  • Comes with built in ball storage boxes (never lose your ping pong balls again!)
  • Looks gorgeous and beautifully designed
  •  Comes with a 2 player bundle with a ping pong table cover!
  • Our favorite ping-pong tables for outdoors!


  • A little more pricey than the others, if you have the budget however, its definitely worth it.


A great ping pong table for the outdoors, it comes with 3 year warranty!

Specially designed for compact folding storage, if you have a small yard or space, this one is a great choice! Thick, 22m surface for a high quality ball-bounce and an extremely fun ping pong experience.


  • 3 Year Warranty!
  • Thick Surface for a better bounce!
  • Comes in 3 colors and beautifully designed
  • Easy storage : both halves of the tables fold easily!


  • The brand isn’t as known as the others on this list.


This ping pong table, made by “Joola Nova” is USATT (The USA Table Tennis Organization) Approved for ping pong tournaments, so you can tell right off the bat, this is definitely a high quality table.

Made with thick aluminum 6mm surface, built to last at the outdoors conditions and any weather. The net is water and weather proof. Comes 95% pre-assembled (we love this feature) so you won’t have to waste time trying to build it for hours and get frustrated with a ton of parts.


  • USATT Approved
  • Beautifully designed
  • Very Sturdy and safe for kids to play with
  • Comes 95% built, offers a quick setup process
  • Thick aluminum surface that will last through tough weather


  • Believe it or not, we couldn’t find any repeat customer complaints


The main thing we absolutely love about this table tennis table is the anti-glare surface. In some cases, when the sun is strong its hard to see the ping pong ball. However, Cornilleaus’ ping pong table eliminates that problem with their anti-glare surface, think about it like looking at glasses with anti-reflective coating. Very useful indeed!

Its also beautifully designed and could be used for both indoors and outdoors, giving you the option to play inside your house as well.


  • Built with steel frame and legs, very strong and sturdy
  • Anti-glare surface
  • Awesome storage pockets for the ping pong paddles + balls
  • Looks luxurious and beautifully designed


  • Some users complained about the table being difficult to assemble, but they did mention they eventually were happy with the result


Another fantastic outdoors ping pong table by the known Kettler brand.

You get an awesome “Bang for the buck” on this one.

It actually comes with an outdoor accessory bundle, which includes : ping pong paddles, ping pong balls, and even a cover for your ping pong table!

Saves you a ton of money on accessories and its absolutely gorgeous.


  • Awesome accessories included! (paddles, balls, and a cover, worth hundreds of dollars!)
  • Waterproof design to keep it rust-free!
  • Non glare – high aluminum surface with climate control!
  • Awesome storage place for the paddles and balls!


  • We found 1 customer who complained on their customer service, they apologized and fixed the problem though


A very nice ping pong table, painted in light blue and looks stunning. This ping pong table comes with locking caster wheels, looks very fun to play with, and foldable for easy storage.

We simply can’t get over the light blue on this table, its looks fantastic and we’re glad they tried another color rather than the standard blue everybody else use.


  • Beautiful light blue color
  • Super easy fold – you can store it inside when you’re done playing
  • Adjustable clamp style net
  • Looks well made and well designed
  • Great ping pong table for kids
  • Very affordable!


  • We haven’t seen many tables by this brand, so its probably a new one, thats not necessarily a con, but its just not a well-known and established brand.


We can’t write a ‘top 10 outdoor ping pong tables’ without having a table from world-wide known brand, KillerSpin. This brand is simply a ping pong behemoth.

Specifically, the MyT7 blackstorm table is definitely an amazing ping pong table, we absolutely love the darker paint, makes it look stunning and will prevent it from looking dirty – which saves you the extra cleaning.


  • Made with a very unique aluminum+ plastic surface for a great ping pong experience
  • The table is painted in dark-gray, makes it look very premium
  • Steel legs, very sturdy
  • Comes with a cover to keep dust, dirt, and rain away


  • Some people said they prefer the blue color, we disagree, but we’ve decided to write it as a con.


If we’re already speaking about killerspin tables, thats another well made high quality product by this popular brand. Specifically perfect for tournaments and experienced ping pong players that notice the small details.

This table definitely offers a great ping pong experience, if you’re a beginning ping pong player you won’t see the difference, but you definitely will if you’re a more experience player.


  • Built with the best gaming experience in mind
  • Comes in 2 colors : black and blue
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Includes ping pong paddles and balls


  • A little pricey for beginners, if you’re just starting out make sure you like this table first.


The Joola Rally LT is a professional grade ping pong table, we do not recommend it for complete beginners simply because you can find cheaper ones, but if you’re a beginner and have the extra money, this is a great buy.

Professional & experienced ping pong players that appreciate quality will absolutely love this table.


  • Professional grade quality!
  • Beautiful color and design
  • Comes with ball holders!
  • Includes an Abacus Scorer
  • Easy to assemble: 10-15 min assembly time


  • A little pricey if you’re a beginner

These are the absolute best ping pong tables for outdoor play. Now that you’ve read the reviews, you can make a smart decision that will get you the best table.

If you got a little overwhelmed with all the information, go with the safe picks (number 1 and 2 from this list) however, any of these top 10 tables are an absolute great choice as we reviewed and pre-checked them for you, so don’t worry about losing your hard earned money.


To sum things up, remember, there are a few things to consider when trying to find a good ping pong table for your outdoors space.

These main features are durability, size, and price. You want to invest in a good table that will last, even through hard weather conditions.

If you’re planning on keeping it outside at all times, a cover is a must!

We hope you found this post useful and are ready to play some ping pong!

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