10 Best Ping Pong Paddle: Complete Buyers Guide!

We Chose The 10 Best Table Tennis Rackets (And Gave You Some AWESOME Tips!)

Ping pong, table tennis, whatever you like to call it, its definitely many peoples’ favorite game EVER. Thats why we thought that the topic of finding the best ping pong paddles deserve an entire post. Choosing the best table tennis racket is crucial, and you have to think about your specific needs. Are you a beginning ping pong player and want to play at home? or are you a professional ping pong player trying to crush strong opponents? or maybe you’re just looking for a ping pong paddle for kids, or for a local bar you own. Either way, this post will help you out.

Heres What We’re Going to Cover : 

Part 1 : What to look for when buying the best ping pong paddle Part 2: What are the 10 best ping pong paddles EVER? In a rush? just want to buy a paddle and play? no worries! click the one you like and order from the top picks below…



Part One: What to Look for in a Good Table Tennis Racket

You will want to consider the following things before buying a certain table tennis racket so that you can get the best possible ones.

The Table Tennis’ Grip

It is necessary to consider the way you hold your table tennis rackets when you are shopping for a new one.

Look for rackets that can accommodate your particular grip so that you are completely comfortable with the one you buy.

If your grip is a bit on the loose side, you will want to look for rackets with a straight handle. Flared rackets are ideal for those who have a firm grip, and penhold rackets are best for power.

The Rubber

It’s also important that you take a close look at the thickness of each racket’s rubber, as this will ultimately affect your control over the ball.

Rackets that use softer rubber will allow you to put more spin on the ball, so you will need to keep that in mind. If you want to take an attacking position, a firmer rubber is probably a better choice.

Thin sponge rackets are less than 2mm and are ideal for control but not so much for speed. Thick sponge rackets are great for spin, but you don’t have as much control. Take the time to look at different textures of rubber rackets, as each kind will ultimately affect how you handle the ball.

A textured paddle offers more traction, but your returns won’t be quite as quick. If you tend to use spin techniques when playing, you should stay away from deep textures.

Personal Play Style

Your own personal play style will be a huge factor in choosing the right rackets.

Someone who delivers powerful hits will need a different racket than someone who takes more of a defensive strategy when playing.

If you aren’t quite sure what your play style is yet, it’s a good idea to wait a while until you have truly discovered it.

Ready-Made vs. Custom Ping Pong Paddles

There are certain benefits associated with buying a custom table tennis racket that you should keep in mind.

A custom racket will provide you with exactly what you need down to the smallest detail, but you will end up spending quite a bit more.

You should be able to find plenty of ready-made rackets that will meet your needs after doing some research.

Since there is such a huge selection of rackets to choose from, you will need to do your research.

Size and Weight of The Paddle

The size and weight of your table tennis racket will be something else that you have to pay close attention to.

You will quickly find that these rackets are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and shapes.

A lightweight ping pong paddle is built for speed, while a heavier one will be easier to control if you’re a beginner.

Part Two: The 10 Best Ping Pong Paddles

Lets talk about the best ping pong paddles to buy.

First, the numbers (1-10) are not meant to be ranking, we’re just trying to keep things organized.

To make things easier, look at ping pong paddles number 3 if you’re looking for a ping pong paddle for a professional player.

If you’re buying a ping pong paddle for kids, we highly recommend set number 7.

Briefly go through the picks below and pick the right table tennis paddle for your needs!

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1. Jebor Professional Table Tennis Paddle Advanced Training Racket


The Jebor Professional Table Tennis Paddle is probably the one of the best ping pong paddle for beginners.

That being said, its ONLY good for beginners.

This one is pretty medium to low quality and will eventually break, thats why if you’re a beginner and will drop it, or if you’re buying a ping pong paddle for kids, thats a great choice.

It does have a seven layers of durable cottonwood material that will allow you to control the ball easier than ever.

This racket has 2mm elastic sponge, which means that you will be able to improve your speed as well.

This racket has a log handle that promotes a firm grip, so you won’t have to worry about losing control while you are playing.

The sticky rubber material on these rackets is very thick and ensures good bounce at all times. Overall, this racket is extremely versatile and a great investment for most table tennis players.


  • Racket uses thick rubber that keeps the blade from getting damaged.
  • Very durable log handle allows the user to grip the racket firmly.
  • Made of cottonwood for smooth bounce and long-lasting sturdiness that you can count on.
  • 2mm elastic sponge that gives you the perfect combination of speed and control when playing.
  • Comes with two paddles, three balls and a sport handbag.
  • Sticky 0.44 mm rubber gives great ball bounce.


  • Might not be well-suited for those who use tilting techniques.


This table tennis racket comes with 3-star balls that are regulation size, as well as four hardbat rackets.

These rackets have a speed performance of 24, a spin of 28, and a control rating of 48. These rackets are definitely intended for those who value control over all else.

One of the great things about these rackets is that they use an extremely durable 5 ply wood blend, so your shots will be powerful no matter what kind of grip you have.

Definitely a racket for everyone, though some will be able to benefit from using it more than others.


  • High control performance rating of 48.
  • Spin rating of 28.
  • Made with very strong wood material that will last a long time and enhance your overall performance.
  • Designed for table tennis players of all grip types.
  • Made from 5 layers of light, high-density leaves.
  • Perfectly balanced blades that are designed to make connect with the ball at exactly the right point.
  • Special ergonomic handle is just the right length to accommodate any player.


  • Racket could have a better speed performance rating.
  • Might not be ideal for more experienced players.


This performance-grade table tennis racket is ITTF-approved for tournaments and uses innovative carbon technology to maximize both speed and power.

This is one of the best ping pong paddles for professional and advanced ping pong players.

It has an impressive speed rating of 99, a control rating of 80, and a spin rating of 100.

The blade itself has a lightweight 7-ply wood design with 2mm sponge and 55 rubber for extreme durability and ideal performance that can accommodate even professionals.

The two layers of carbon make this a very rigid racket with excellent overall response. It is able to absorb vibrations and transfer energy from the handle.


  • Ultra lightweight wood center-ply design maximizes speed and reaction time.
  • Unique carbon technology allows for great overall performance.
  • ITTF approved.
  • High speed rating of 99
  • Spin rating of 100.
  • ACS technology allows for complete control for any player regardless of grip.
  • 7-ply blade can accommodate almost any play style.
  • Designed to absorb vibrations and transfer energy out of the handle.
  • Concave pro handle makes this racket appropriate for tournament play.


  • Some customers have complained about problems with spin control.
  • Ball grip is just average.


The STIGA Titan is another performance-level table tennis racket that is ITTF-approved. The inverted rubber design of this racket makes it perfectly suited for tournament play.

It has a speed rating of 80, a spin rating of 77, and a control rating of 82.

One of the more unique things about this racket is the crystal technology, which results in a harder blade for more speed.

The 5-ply design of this racket makes it very light and therefore easy to control.

It has a 2mm sponge and a concave Italian composite handle that most players should have no problems with at all.


  • 5-ply design makes this racket extra light and easy to control.
  • Concave composite handle made in Italy is ideal for players of all grips.
  • Inverted rubber design makes this racket a good choice for official tournaments.
  • Perfect blade balance improved overall performance when playing.
  • Incredible ball sensitivity makes this racket extremely responsive.
  • Hardened surface for more speed.
  • Balsa wood center-ply design makes this racket exceptionally durable while improving reaction time.


  • Spin performance rating could be higher.
  • Lightweight design could work against some players.


The MAPOL 4 Star Professional table tennis racket features a 7-ply wood blade with high-performance rubber. The flared style handles of this racket make it comfortable for most players.

When you buy these rackets you will also receive a fabric carry bag to keep them in when you are traveling.

These rackets are designed to work well for 90% of players, and they come with a money back guarantee.

Those who are looking for a racket that offers great spin and control will find that these rackets are a particularly good choice.

This racket has a 2mm sponge and thick rubber for responsive hits. This is a good choice for beginners as well as those with lots of experience.


  • Designed for excellent control and spin.
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee that lasts 60 days after purchase.
  • Flared-style handles are comfortable for most players.
  • 7-ply wood blade combined with thick rubber for a high-performance design.
  • Comes with a carrying case to protect your rackets when you need to take them somewhere.


  • Rackets tend to fall apart fairly quickly with regular use.
  • Could be too heavy for some players.


The Killerspin JET200 racket is made of 5 ply wood, making it very sturdy and long lasting. When you order this racket you will also get a memory book, which will let you keep track of scores and keep it safe when you aren’t using it.

This racket has PVC tape on the side that is extremely flexible and protects the paddle from damage. It has a control rating of 8.5/10, a spin rating of 7/10, and a speed rating of 6/10. You will also get a 30-day warranty when you order this racket so you will be able to return it for a full refund if you aren’t satisfied. This is one of the best table tennis racket options for those who want complete control when playing.


  • Designed for maximum control with a rating of 8.5/10.
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • PVC side tape that will keep the side of the racket safe from wear and tear that comes with regular use.
  • Comes with memory book that keeps your racket safe while giving you a convenient place to write scores.
  • 5 layers of high-quality wood as well as performance rubber for maximum durability.


  • Grip is a bit flimsy and prone to coming loose.


The JP Win Look racket uses one-of-a-kind technology to get the balance just right. It is made out of 5-ply wood and features a flared handle with ergonomic design. This racket should be fairly comfortable for most people.

You will get a blue carrying bag when you order this racket, which will provide you with a safe and convenient place to keep it when traveling.

One of the unique things about this racket is the fact that it is perfect for people of all experience levels. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, which isn’t something you will get with just any racket.


  • Durable rubber layering that is very firm and eco-friendly.
  • Comes with carrying bag with zipper so you always have a secure place to store your racket.
  • Made of 5-ply wood for incredible sturdiness.
  • Comes with a 60-day manufacturer’s guarantee for your money back.
  • Ergonomic handle makes this racket very comfortable to play with.


  • Some customers have complained about the back of the paddle coming loose after a while.


This table tennis racket offers near perfect balance with an incredible spin rating of 93. If you want to drastically improve your game, this racket is certainly worth taking a close look at.

It can increase your speed and control for better overall performance.

With ITTF-approved rubber and a lightweight design, you simply cannot go wrong with this racket. It weighs only 0.4 lb and boasts 2mm coating.

When you order this racket you will also get a carrying pouch that will keep it from becoming damaged when taking it outside of the house.

This racket is designed for tournament play, so it’s a good choice for people of all experience levels.


  • Allows you to increase your speed significantly.
  • Perfect for those who use spin techniques.
  • Provides you with more control than ever before.
  • Comes with a carrying pouch made from high-quality materials.
  • Professional aesthetic that others will be sure to notice.
  • Comfortable handle that almost everyone will be able to use without any problems.


  • It may be a bit too heavy for some people.


The STIGA Evolution is a great choice for those who want to increase the power and control of their game. It is ITTF approved for use in tournaments and has a 2mm sponge.

This racket has a speed rating of 96, a spin rating of 94, and a control rating of 90.

One of the interesting things about this table tennis racket is the fact that it uses Shock Dispersion Technology, which absorbs the vibrations of hits to improve the user’s performance.

The high-tech composite rod that this racket features is easy to hold onto and is very comfortable for a majority of players.


  • Uses Shock Dispersion Technology to absorb the vibrations that occur when the ball makes contact with the paddle.
  • ITTF-approved rubber design that makes it well-suited for tournament play.
  • High ratings for spin, speed and control.
  • Composite rod that is very sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Comfortable grip that works well for most people.


  • Could be too light for some people.


The KillerSpin JetBlack Combo offers excellent control and accuracy for those who want to stay on top of their table tennis game. This racket measures 6 inches long by 6 1/8” and has a speed rating of 6.8, a control rating of 9, and a spin rating of 8.2.

The 4Z rubbers combined with the 5-ply wood blade and flared handle make this racket exceptionally sturdy and comfortable. When you order this racket you will also receive a durable case to keep it protected at all times when it is not in use.


  • Comes with carrying case with zipper to protect the racket when it is not being used.
  • High ratings for spin and control make this racket easy to use for people of all experience levels.
  • Lightweight design offers excellent control for better overall performance.
  • Flared handle makes this racket especially well-suited to those who use spin techniques in game play.
  • Black nitrx 4Z rubber and 5-play wood construction means this racket is very durable.


  • Handle could be sturdier.

The Bottom Line

Buying the right table tennis racket is important, with a quality one, you’ll enjoy playing ping pong while a cheap, low-quality paddle can ruin the entire game.

Especially if you’re playing for money / are a pro ping pong player, you want to buy a very high quality paddle.

If you’re only playing friendly, home ping pong games, its ok to buy a cheaper one, but keep in mind you’ll need to replace it while a more expensive, quality paddle will last a while.

We hope this post helped you choose the best ping pong paddle for your needs.

To sum things up, you want to get a high quality paddle that will last and make your gaming experience even better.

Refer to our top picks to choose yours, or refer to the table at the beginning of the article.

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