6 Best Bristle Dartboard For Your Game Room At Home

6 Best Bristle Dartboard For Your Game Room At Home

Even if you’re just a beginner, investing in a high-quality dart board will benefit you in the long-run. One of the recommended dart boards, regardless of skill level, is the bristle dartboard. Whether you’re purchasing one for practice or just for fun, a bristle dartboard is the best pick. They’re high-quality, affordable, and sustainable. Bristle dartboards are made out of self-healing materials which makes it very durable and usable in the long-run. Here are some of the best bristle dartboards in the market:

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6 Best Bristle Dartboards to Use at Home [2021]


If we’re talking about quality, the Winmau Blade 5 Bristle is the best bristle dartboard out of the bunch. This bristle dartboard is made of high-density sisal fiber.

Sisal Fiber makes the dartboard durable with its elasticity and tensile strength. This lengthens the life expectancy of the board. Once the darts are pulled out, the high-density fiber instantly self-heals.

It’s one of the longest-lasting dartboards as its bullseye ring has a steel reinforcement that uses carbon diffusion technology.

The sharp wiring and the bullseye of this dartboard are built to prevent bounce-outs. The razor wires make the darts glide smoothly into the dartboard. It also has a movable number ring that makes it very durable.

Compared to other models, its wire angles have a thirty-degree reduction, meaning more space for a larger playing area.

What makes this the best bristle dartboard is its double-coating of bristle. A normal dartboard usually has one layer of bristle which makes the wooden backend vulnerable to damage.

It can be a bit pricey, but its quality is worth it. This bristle dartboard is usually preferred by serious dart players. It’s also endorsed by the British Darts Organization.

This high-quality bristle dartboard has a triple wheel lock-and-level system with adjustable points.

This supports the rotation of the dartboard to align it perfectly and safely secure to any type of surface. Though, it is advised to put a cork slab prior to mounting the dartboard to protect your wall.

Main Features

  • Dartboard diameter: 17.8 inches (tournament size is 18 inches)
  • Thickness: 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 10.7 lbs


  • Durable construction with double bristle layer for long-term use.
  • Staple free and extra thin wiring and bullseye for more playing area.
  • Sharp wiring for minimal bounce outs
  • Triple-wheel lock system with movable number ring for secure installation.
  • Endorsed by British Darts Organization for professional dartboard play.


  • Darts are not included
  • No warranty information


The quality of the Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board comes close to Winmau. It’s just slightly cheaper. If you are a casual player or a beginner on a budget, this might just be the better choice.

It has the same good qualities as Winmau as it is also staple-free bullseye, has sharp wiring, a rotatable number ring, and durable construction.

Some dart boards use staples in their wirings which leads to increased bounce outs. This dartboard apparently has a 30% thinner segmentation system compared to other bristle dartboards.

A reason why it’s one of the best bristle dartboards is because it’s built with a Spider 2 Radial wiring system. This increases the board scoring area and lessens bounce outs. It also comes with a removable number ring.

This dart board has a standard tournament size of 18.1 inches diameter. Hence, this bristle dartboard is endorsed by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) and is used in PDC world championship tournaments.

The Eclipse Pro is a professional dartboard that’s very beginner-friendly and durable. It’s built for less bounce-outs and more scores for a game of darts.

Though, compared to Winmau Blade 5, this bristle dartboard isn’t as easy to mount. It’s recommended to keep it in the same place.

Main Features

  • Dartboard diameter: 18.1 inches
  • Thickness: 2 inches
  • Weight: 9.3 lbs


  • Affordable price for a casual or beginner player.
  • Professional dartboard endorsed by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC).
  • Tournament Size.
  • Used by professional dart players.
  • Removable number ring and has a staple free build.
  • Cheaper than Winmau
  • Thinner Spider 2 wiring system for increased scoring area and less bounce outs.


  • Does not include darts.
  • Not as easy to mount or install.


Similar to Winmau Blade 5, the Viper Shot King is made out of sisal fibers. These sisal fibers have been compressed to make it as durable as possible. This is the best bristle dartboard for casual players.

Its design also prevents bounce-outs with its staple-free bullseye. This bristle dartboard comes with a movable number ring as well for durability. It also has a tournament size of 18 inches.

Though it’s not staple-free, this steel tip dartboard viper model has a spider wiring system that has rounded wires.

This allows the darts to smoothly slide off the wiring and land on the playing surface. It has all the main features you need at a pretty affordable price.

This sisal bristle dart board comes with a mounting hardware for easier set-up. The Viper Cabinet comes with a 3 led lighting system and a laser oche. The wooden cabinet provides added wall protection and locks when not in use.

The Viper Shot King Bristle Dartboard comes with two sets of darts (a total of six steel tip darts). This model can also be played with soft tip darts but you have to buy them separately.

Main Features

  • Dartboard diameter: 18 inches
  • Thickness: 1.8 inches
  • Weight: 11 lbs.


  • Removable number ring to allow the board to heal.
  • Thin spider for larger playing surface.
  • Includes two sets of steel tip darts.
  • Rounded wires for the darts to slide off into playing surface.
  • Compatible for both soft and steel tip darts.
  • Affordable tournament bristle board that’s fit for all skill levels.
  • Easy to attach other accessories to the dartboard cabinet.


  • Wiring is not staple free


No matter the skill levels, the Viper Pro Bristle Dartboard is the best bristle dartboard for a game of darts with friends.

This sisal dartboard comes with a cricket scoreboard along with a chalk and eraser. The set also includes three steel tip darts. It’s the best option to put in a games room where you take your friends.

This model has all the features needed for a bristle dartboard. It has a movable number ring, a dense sisal board, and a staple-free bullseye. Credits to Viper for this wonderful piece!

Although, it’s best used if you and your friends are only using it as casual players.

Compared to the other dartboards, the wiring of this sisal board model is thick and round. This can result in poor prevention of bounce-outs compared to the higher quality bristle dartboards.

This particular bristle steel tip dartboard also does not have staple-free wiring.

Though, if you’re playing darts just for fun and you’re not particular with precision, this Viper League Pro Bristle Dartboard might be a better option.

Main Features

  • Dartboard diameter: 18 inches
  • Thickness: 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 9.4 lbs


  • Great for casual players
  • Very dense and durable sisal board for long-term usage.
  • Tournament size.
  • Moveable number ring.
  • Includes a board for the scoring system with chalk and eraser.
  • Comes with 3 steel tip darts.
  • Can be used for both soft and steel tip darts.


  • Wiring is not staple-free and is a bit thicker and round, makes it prone to more bounce-outs.


What makes the Viper Aim 360 bristle dartboard unique is its high-resolution diamond markers on each section of the dartboard. This model is the best bristle dartboard for added precision.

Compared to other bristle boards, the Viper Aim 360 is best for training. The diamond markers on its playing surface help you develop a precise aim.

This board also has the same features as a basic dartboard model.

It comes with a staple-free wiring system to prevent bounce-outs, a moveable ring for added durability, and thin razor wire to increase playing area. More than that, it also has moveable training targets.

It’s also made out of self-healing sisal. This material is perfect for long-term durability if you’re going to use it for frequent precision training.

You can also move the diamond markers and aiming circles around the board to help you focus on specific areas.

If you’re aiming to train for a precise hit on the bullseye, this board is for you. Out of all the bristle dartboards, the features of this dartboard are perfectly built for those who plan to regularly train or practice.

It comes at a very affordable price. One of the cheapest best bristle dartboards in the market, but still high quality.

Main Features

  • Dartboard diameter: 18 inches
  • Thickness: 1.8 inches
  • Weight: 11 lbs.


  • Perfect board for precision training.
  • Self-healing sisal that’s built to last.
  • Thin wiring to prevent bounce outs.
  • Staple free wiring and bullseye
  • Moveable aiming circles and diamond markers to perfect your aim.
  • High-resolution diamond markers


  • Strictly for training, not be suitable for tournaments.


The Winmau Diamond Plus is similar to other Winmau bristle dartboards in terms of quality. This dartboard is perfect for an advanced level of darts.

Its bristles are tightly packed for quick self-healing and long-term durability. Though it might not prevent bounce-outs as well as the other bristle dartboards.

It has a refined triangular wiring system with a bullseye that’s staple-free. However, the wiring of this dartboard isn’t staple-free. Its wires aren’t as thin as the Winmau blade dartboards. But in terms of durability and quality, it’s not much different from the other dartboards.

Drawbacks-aside, this board is also endorsed by the British Darts Organization and includes an official darts booklet. It is recognized to have a CNC precision-engineered sisal base.

Main Features

  • Dartboard diameter: 17.75 inches
  • Thickness: 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs


  • Moveable ring
  • Sharp wiring and bullseye
  • Bristle dartboard perfect for advanced darts
  • Durable sisal bristle dartboard


  • Wiring is not staple free
  • Might not be suitable for beginners and casual players.

Bristle Dartboard Vs. Cork Dart Boards

A cork dart board is pretty cost-effective. Although, most dartboard players aren’t a big fan of it. They’re very much not as durable as bristle dartboards. If you’re planning to use a dartboard long-term, the cork board isn’t the best choice. It’s not as durable as a bristle one. Though, if you’re looking for a cheaper option for a quick game of darts, then you might want to consider buying one. These two different types of dartboards are usually mistaken as the same thing. Cork boards tend to have a short life expectancy as it easily gets worn out. It has features that make it a good choice for kids’ play and for beginners. But if you’re planning to play darts for a while, you might want to invest in a bristle dartboard that has a longer life expectancy, built with its durable material.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bristle Dartboard

If you’re still thinking about which board to get, here are some things you need to consider for you to make the right choice.


When choosing a board, you have to consider how you intend to use it. Are you going to use it for casual play, serious play, or training?

If you’re planning to buy one for casual play, you might not want to spend much on a professional board. You might not need a lot of the high-end features that some of these dartboards have.

But if you’re planning on having a serious game of darts, then you might need to shell out a few bucks for a pro board.

If you intend to use it long-term and for heavy use, better to choose those with rotating rings and double sisal layers for extra durability.

Size / Dimensions

Take a look at your game room or whatever location you’re planning to set-up your board. Make sure you have enough space for it and the right measurements needed for a game of darts.

If you have enough space, it might be nice to invest in one that includes a dartboard cabinet. The cabinet might take a lot of space, but it helps preserve your board and keeps everything you need for darts organized.

Most bristle boards are 18 inches in diameter, which is a standard size for pro darts. They are also usually 1.5 inches thick. These are the official measurements stated in pro dart rules.

If you’re just planning on playing casually without much space, you can look for a board with a smaller size.

Sisal Density

All bristle boards are made out of sisal fibers that make it very durable due to its self-healing qualities. But what’s important is its density.

For long-term use, you have to look for a board that has densely packed sisals. Its density determines how fast and effective the board recovers from a dart puncture.

But take note that if the material is too dense, the darts tend to be pushed out of the board.

Most manufacturers do not state the density of the board. If it’s not explicitly stated, it’s safe to assume that it has regular density.

Moveable Ring

Determining if the number ring is moveable or not is a big factor for board durability. The number ring surrounds the board surface and makes it easier to see the scoring.

Having your number ring moveable limits the board’s wear and tear. Some games can be a bit too focused and intense in certain areas. Having a moveable ring allows you to change the number sectors.

Besides making sure it’s moveable, you also have to consider the material it’s made of.

Sometimes the darts damage those made out of plastic easily. It’s best to pay attention to the type of number ring the board comes along with if you’re planning to use it long-term.

Bounce Out Rating

A dart is prone to hitting a hard surface on the board which causes it to bounce out, thus making you not earn any points.

A board’s bounce out is affected by the material of the main scoring area of the board as well as its bullseye and wiring. You must look at all of these parts of the board.

  • If a bristle is too dense, it’ll be hard for a dart to penetrate the surface.
  • If the wiring is too thick, the thrown dart is prone to hitting it more than the scoring area.


The wiring will be the one that’s mostly responsible for your board’s bounce-out rate. Its quality has a big impact on a board’s playability.

Thick and round wires are prone to bounce out as there is a greater probability for a dart to hit it rather than the playing area.

Make sure that the wirings are sharp and thin so that it will naturally direct the dart onto the playing area.

This is very important because, in an actual game, you’re given a limited number of throws. If your dart bounces off the board, your throw is counted, but you earn no points.

Along with the wiring, you also have to consider these factors with the bullseye. Check if your board has them stapled in or not. Usually, the cheaper boards just staple these onto the board, increasing a board’s bounce-out rate. Best to get one that doesn’t use staples.


Some boards come along with a set of darts, mostly steel. You might also want to take a look at the quality of these.

A dart has these parts:

  • Flight & Shaft: directs the travel of the dart from the thrower to the board.
  • Barrel: where you grip before throwing.
  • Tip: pierces the surface of the board.

Darts are available in different weights, usually depending on the material. Obviously, soft tip darts are lighter than steel ones.

Dart weight ranges around 10-20 grams for a soft tip and 15-28 grams for steel tip. A couple of differences in grams impacts the way a dart is thrown so make sure you keep it consistent.

Steel tip darts can easily damage walls, floors, objects, and anything that surrounds your board. It’s best to invest in a dartboard with a cabinet to protect the surrounding surfaces.


Rule of thumb in buying dartboards, the bigger its playing surface, the pricier it is. Usually, if a dartboard comes with a cabinet, it’s also a bit more expensive.

Most good quality dartboards are in a price range of around $50-100. If the board you’re eye-ing is less than this, make sure to read the reviews. Chances are it’s not as high quality as the ones mentioned above.

The budget that you’re planning to set for buying a board should match with your playing goals. If you’re planning to seriously train for an actual darts competition, it’s good to invest in a pro model.

Higher quality boards will definitely cost a lot. But it’s a good choice for long-term training and use.

Final Thoughts

The best bristle dartboards have high-quality features that are worth investing in if you’re planning on taking your dart game seriously. Overall the best board should be tough, durable, and has a large playing surface. All of the boards mentioned above are great for various skill levels, but the best out of them all is the Winmau Blade 5 model. It’s best to get used to playing with a board that’s used in official tournaments. It’s a tad bit pricier than most. But if you’re determined to go pro, it passes all the features mentioned above.