What Are The Best Pool Table Brands?

What are the best table pool brands?

The top table pool brands

A pool table provides entertainment and recreation. If you’re passionate about this sport, you’d definitely want to have one in your home. If you’re planning to buy a pool table, of course, you should pick the best brand in the market. If you ask us, we’ve narrowed the list to 3: Brunswick, Hathaway, and Olhausen. We’ll discuss in detail why we chose these particular brands. But first, here’s a list of what you should be looking for when choosing the best pool table.

Hathaway Jupiter 7' Pool Table, 84" L x 48" W x 31" H, Black

Picking The Ultimate Pool Table: What Makes a Great Pool Table?

Don’t just buy any pool table that’s on sale in the market. Check the features carefully so that you get to have the best experience while playing this cue sport. It might be confusing to choose among the different brands. There are many variations and a wide range of prices. If you’re reading this, it’s a good sign because you’re educating yourself before making that purchase. You want to have an informed choice and we’re glad to help you out. A pool table is an investment and one that’s made of good quality is meant to be an heirloom piece to be enjoyed for many years to come. There are 6 features of a pool table that you should examine carefully before buying one – frame, slate, legs, cloth or felt, cushions or rails, and the playing equipment and accessories. Let’s go through them one by one. Slate – A slate is shale or rock that has been formed from volcanic ash or clay. These are cut and leveled into flat sheets that make them the perfect playing surface for cue sport. The Billiard Congress of America requires 1″ slate for competitions and tournaments because they believe this is the most accurate thickness to be used on a pool table. There are also 3/4″ and 1 1/4″ slates available in the market. Take note that some offer substitutes for slate such as pool tables made with plywood, permaslate, slatex, or fiberboard but none of them offer the same smooth and accurate experience when playing cue sport. Frame – The frame is the pillar of support for the entire pool table. If there’s no sturdy frame, your table will sag and become uneven which makes playing cue sport such a drag. A great pool table is framed with wood that is attached to the bottom and has cross beams for additional support. The bigger the pool, the larger the frame beams. Larger slates ideally have a quad-beam construction with 2 cross beams and 2 long beams. Legs – A great pool table has strong legs. They should be able to support the entire weight of the table plus the added stress from players leaning in or even sitting on the pool table. There are 2 types of legs: the perfect legs, which are made of solid wood all the way, and the industry-standard legs, which make use of nut and bolt combinations. The perfect legs are the most sturdy and reliable and will give you the best playing experience as time goes on. Cloth or Felt – Billiard cloth or pool table felt cover the slate. This is made of wool and nylon blend covered with Teflon to enhance durability. This is prone to wear and tear. For maximum life, make sure the cloth or felt weighs between 18 to 22 ounces per yard. Choose a worsted wool cloth because it offers the best speed and traction on the playing surface. Cushions or Rails – They line the entire perimeter of the pool table. Rails are made of different materials – natural gum, synthetic, or gum blends. You’d want your rail to be made of natural gum because it’s compact and this kind of rails offer a predictable bounce through the years. Playing Equipment and Accessories – How can you play billiards without your cue sticks, bridge, balls, and pool ball racks? See if these are included in the package. Other accessories include table covers, pool cue cases, table and rail brushes, cue repair kits, training balls, cue chalk and holders, tally balls, tally ball shakers, talcum powder, and wall racks. Now that you know what you should be looking for, we’ll discuss the top pool brands in the market to help you choose the perfect pool table.

Best Pool Table Brands: A Deeper Look

The Brunswick Brand: Quality First

Brunswick Billiards has been around for 170 years. There’s a good reason why they’ve lasted this long – for this company, quality always comes first. They continue to innovate to provide the best playing experience. Brunswick is known for their Brunswick certified slate, high-performance nut plate, hardened dome washer, solid hardwood rails, Superseed Cushion Rubber, machine recessed area, high-pressure bonding, and accurate nose height that all contribute to durability, precision, and excellent performance. Their pool tables have stable joinery construction and solid wood dovetail support for a rock-solid, easy to install, and built to last a lifetime product.

Brunswick 8 Foot Danbury Pool Table with Blue Contender Cloth and Play Kit: Billiard Ball Set, Cues...

Brunswick Oakland Table Package (8-Foot, Chestnut finish , Merlot Cloth)

The Hathaway Brand: Take Your Breath Away

Hathaway pool tables are bestsellers in the market. The sleek funky design and modern contemporary lines get a nod of approval from critics and enthusiasts alike and will surely amaze your guests as well. Hathaway pool tables require no assembly. They are very affordable and you get more value for your money because it is made of high-quality. They are only 6-foot long because they are built for small areas to save valuable space in the room. They also come in a folding design which makes it convenient and easy to move. Hathaway offers a 180-day warranty for the table and its accessories which makes it an even better deal for you.

Hathaway Alpine 8-ft Outdoor Pool Table with Aluminum Frame and Waterproof, UV-Resistant Felt - Includes Accessories, White

Hathaway Spartan 6' Pool Table, 72" L x 38" W x 31" H, Black

The Olhausen Brand: Tradition of Dedication

Almost 50 years in the business and this family-owned brand just keeps on getting better. They’ve been known as The Best in Billiards. They provide every game room with pool tables made from the latest innovation and current trends in the furniture and design industry. Their pool tables come in different series to suit your gaming needs. They are known for their Accu-Fast cushions which are simply the best in the business. They use premium wood and slate. Their T-nut rail construction ensures the perfect alignment. Olhausen pool tables are built in their factory, not in your home, which allows triple-check quality control before the product is shipped out.

Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Belmont Pool Table – Matte Original Cherry Finish – Includes Delivery & Installation...

Olhausen Billiards 8 ft West End Pool Table – Matte Smoke Finish on Maple – Includes Delivery & Installation...

Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Blackhawk Pool Table – Two-Tone Black & Brandywine Finish – Includes Delivery...

The Bottom Line 

For sure you’re excited to have your very own pool table at home. Choose the perfect one for you so that you can have the best playing experience and have fun with your family and friends.