What Are The Best Pool Table Brands?

best pool table brands to buy

The Top Pool Table Brands 

If you’re trying to buy a pool table, you’re probably asking “which are the best pool table brands?” the short answer is: Brunswick, EastPoint Sports and Harvil.

These 3 brands are definitely the most popular, most reliable, and over-all best pool table brands out there. Our most favorite & recommended pool table brand has to be Brunswick. [And no, we were NOT sponsored by Brunswick to say that].

In this post, we will dive deeper into each brand and explain why their pool tables are so good.

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In this post we will cover:

1. What makes a pool table great? 

2. A deeper look into the Brunswick brand


Picking The Ultimate Pool Table : What Makes a Great Pool Table?

There are a few things you need to consider when buying a pool table.

In our “5 best pool table review” (find it here), we went into detail on what exactly to look for, if you have time, go read it.

In this post we will briefly summarize the main points.

You want to buy a pool table that is well built and designed, affordable, sturdy, and of course, made by a well known brand.

Buying a cheap pool table isn’t a good idea; they usually break fast, wear out and become an “eye-sore” fast. It will also lower the gaming experience, nobody wants to play on a broken, ugly looking pool table.


Best Pool Table Brands : A Deeper Look

By now you probably realized that our favorite pool table brand is by far, Brunswick.

The other brands we named :  EastPoint Sports and Harvil, are definitely top brands in the pool world as well, and are all in 2nd place to Brunswick.

Lets take a deeper look into the Brunswick brand and see what makes this one a top player in the pool industry.

The Brunswick Brand : Quality First

In their article, “why buy brunswick” , you will find exactly why we appreciate this brand so much when it comes to pool tables.

Heres a quick summary of why Brunswick is a great pool table manufacturer : 

  1. They use high-performance nut plates that won’t break easily, unlike other cheap brands.
  2. Built with “SuperSpeed” cushion which is a trade-marked Brunswick technology and takes the whole gaming experience to other level.
  3. Solid Hardwood Rails built for precision and looks just fantastic.
  4. Built with Solid Wood Dovetail Support the Brunswick pool tables are simply built to last. Their tables are known to last for decades. seriously.

These are just a few of the reasons you should buy brunswick when buying a pool table. Again, we are not associated in anyway or getting paid by brunswick to say that, this is just 100% our opinion.

For us, Brunswick is the “rolex” of pool tables. Just a little more affordable. haha.

Hathaway Alpine 8-ft Outdoor Pool Table with Aluminum Frame and Waterproof, UV-Resistant Felt - Includes Accessories, White
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  • TOURNAMENT READY - Enjoy responsive, accurate action with the Alpine's pro-ready, K-55 gum rubber cushions. Its weather-resistant felt stays firm and level, regardless of the weather. Bring exciting, action-packed tournaments to your yard, deck or patio.
  • STYLISH DESIGN - The Alpine's sleek frame is covered in a white, powder-coated gloss, adding a luxurious look to this quality table. This brisk-white look combines with dazzling, electric-blue felt to create a style that's sure to draw the eye.
  • 1-YEAR - Your product comes with a one-year manufacturer . Your item will arrive damage free with all necessary parts and accessories.
  • DIMENSIONS: 99-in l x 55-in w x 31-in h

The Bottom Line 

We hope this post helped you realize which are the best pool table brands. We wanted to keep it short and briefly answer that question.

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